Paul Smith for Evian

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Do you know right that I am into interior design (thanks to my father, a painter and wood carpenter)?

The other day Him brought me three beautiful flowers he pick up from the garden and I had no vase for them! Him would always give me big bunches and all of my vases are medium/big size. And a couple of very small (well, they really are the whisky glasses...) for the tiny little daisies. But what for these three long stalk flowers?

Here what I found! A bottle of water. But not a plastic one, a designer one!
Mr. Paul Smith has added his magic touch to one of the most famous water in the world: Evian.

Paul Smith for Evian

Here's the deal:
1) Designer piece for little price
2) The bottle matches to all the other furniture
3) If I get fed up, I would not feel bad by bin it!

Evian room


  1. you can easily get it from the supermarket!

  2. So many designers are teaming up with drinks lately...

  3. really? which ones? I am missing that!

  4. gosh are nice....I should buy them to keep my flowers in it....