Ready for work!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Yeah, I am going to attend this three-days corporate meeting and today I am chosing the perfect outfits. Actually, I should be smart, feminine, but not to fashionista; VPs and our President will be there. But I am desperate for at list one piece of trendy accessory. So, I am thinking to wear pretty shoes.

Here are the looks I have choose (sorry for the pictures and colors that are not at their best):

Both are dark plum that suit my olive skin. I am going to put a nice brooch to brighten up the black fur neck.

This is the one I have choose for the meeting with the President and the formal dinner. It makes me look slimmer and taller! ; )

Here is my favourite: brown, feminine, classic but not granny-style! The belt add a touch of style and the longuette is very sexy, yet professional.

And then the shoes! (did I not say they were not classy?)

So, my dear readers, I'll see you in a week or so!!

p.s. both the fur collar necks of the cardi are fake

h. 9.30 pm up-date: HIM totally disagree with my looks, so he suggested the following one... well, I have to say it's pretty nice, tough! I am sorry about the colours. And the cardi is actually nice and has an unsual shape. I may take a picture of myself tomorrow morning before I head to the office.

p.p.s. the peal and crystals necklace is HIM's present to wish me luck! ♥♥♥♥


  1. these outfits are all gorgeous! :)

  2. HI tinypaperheart, thank you!
    actually, I looked amamzing these days and I am so happy! I was the only woman and had to make a statement! ; )

    Plus, the meeting went VERY well.

  3. I am glad for you Olivia!
    These outfits look great even if the colours are a bit surreal ; )
    Pls post more pictures of your daily workwear!!!
    what do you do for living?


  4. This is such cute stuff!
    By the way thank you so much for your sweet comment! you made my day :)