Thursday, 8 July 2010

you may have wonder what kept me faaar away from blogging...

well, the summer has arrived and I can't bare to spend my evenings at home.

With such a hot and sultry weather AND the fact that I live close to 7 lakes (yes, seven!), guess what I have been doing on my evenings in the past two weeks?


At the beginning of Spring I crushed with my dingy on a quay due to the strong wind.

It took me ages to fix the dingy as it rain quite a lot overall all Spring.

here it's me (yes, it's me!!), painting, scrubbing and amending the fiberglass body of the dingy.

As I am suffering from a 'housewife-syndrome', I did it all the cleaning and polishing until the dingy was perfectly neat and tidy.

and then here I am sailing on the Lake Maggiore!

refreshing, exciting, funny and healthy (it's a good excercise!).

Just in case you wonder, the dingy is only for two, around 4.5 meters and I keep it at the Sailing club.


  1. You did a great job fixing the dingy back up and it looks as good as new:0)
    Bet you have heaps of fun sailing

  2. Wow that's amazing that you fixed that yourself! You have talent!! Sailing looks like so much fun!! in Los Angeles it has been cloudy :( I hope to see the sun soon!


  3. woooow!
    you have to take me with you some time!
    looks so much fun!
    have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I'm impressed!! Stephanie

  5. WONDERFUL, Well done! Happy Sailing :-)