The 'real' me

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ylenia Lessio

A 30 something fun spirit who likes to smile a lot, enjoys cooking and sports, kind of obsessed with fashion, creative and would love to travel the world (or at least visit a lot of places). I have a thing for dresses, chocolate, the nature and my enthusiasm about life makes enjoy every marvelous bit of it.

I need a blog to share my story, my interests and hear back from others. Truly appreciate each follower & comment. Contact me:

p.s. Olivia is a nick name I used to be called with, but I needed a 'real' contact with you, my dear readers. So I decided to use my real name: Ylenia.

Hope you still enjoy the reading!


  1. you look lovely, I do envy your curly hair!

    BTW nice necklace, how is it made of?


  2. What a shame I got used to use Olivia...