I am (officially) Engaged!

Monday, 6 September 2010

You won't believe what's happened during the weekend!

Do you remember the list of plans I wrote about on my last post?
Everything changed!

On Saturday, Paolo mentioned he had a surprise. Ok, I said, 'what are we going to do?' he just reply to dress up - nothing more.
I usually keep on asking him to tell me everything about the surprise but this time I didn't.

At this point, I had to re-arrange my plans. No prob!

I wore a black and white dress, high heels and a white fake-leather jacket and white-silver scarf. I felt so cute!

We drove to the Lake of Como (only 30 min from my house) and he said: 'we are going to have a dinner cruise!' Can you -my dear readers- guess how happy I was???

The boat was a three-floor super cute ferry with one floor as restaurant, one for dancing and one for little walks.

The dinner was superb. Our table was by the window so we could see the all 'panorama'. It was getting dark and the sun said goodbye to us by firing the sky with an intense red colour.

I have also spot George Clooney's Villa Oleandra!

Two couples were sit close to us and we chatted all the time, they were so funny and nice!

Then, time to dance! Oh, I ADORE dancing and it was so funny jumping around and thinking that I was ON the lake!!

The music was live, I mean, there were two singers playing every kind of music from pop to country, from folk to crazy! Quite a few people were celebrating their birthday and asked to the singer to sing their favourite song.

Here I have to stop to say something:
Paolo, which is very talkative, chatty and out-going, did not make it to the singer and did not wishes me happy birthday which annoyed me a little bit.
He is everything BUT shine....so what?

Well, it was around 1.00 AM when we reach the harbor. We drove back at home, I got undressed, took make-up off, etc.

While getting ready for bed, I noticed that one of the pillows has a strange shape, like when something have been hidden underneath. I thought it would have been another little surprise from him.

We lay in bed, we kissed each other and talk about the lovely dinner. Suddenly, out of the blue, he said: 'Ylenia, would you marry me?'

I turned laughing thinking it was a joke. Then, he look at me, deep in the eyes, and I hear myself saying (at this time it was dead silence...) 'Are you joking?', 'No, I am serious, would you marry me?'

and I said 'YES, I will!'

After kissing for half an hour he handed a little green box (it was hidden under the pillow - so I was right!!!). I opened and found an incredible ring with a solitaire diamond!!!

Before wearing it, we spent like 2 hours talking about wedding, kids, our families and our plans for the future, just to be 100% sure we would like to share the same kind of life together. Then, it was on my finger.

I couldn't believe myself. I was not expecting THE ring...

why he did not proposed on the boat? Too shy and embarassed (HIM?) - but really, he went so emotional when proposed. And the relieve in his eyes when I say 'yes'...he needed that moment to be only us, only the TWO of us...

You may need a bit of a background now: Paolo and I met on the internet as he spot a picture of myself on a circle's of friends website. At that time I was living in Oxford (UK). We had a 3-years long distance relationship. I then moved to his place and we have been living together since (which means 5 years). Getting married was our plans from the very beginning of the relationship, but somehow we got comfortable in our life as it was.

I am still very excited about that and I have lots of feelings right now in my heart and in my mind. So I'd better stop here and maybe come back in the next few days to tell you more...

...in the meantime, I would like to introduce you to it, the engagement ring:

'Abbraccio' ring from Salvini (a Bulgari brand)

UP-DATE: this is a picture taken with mobile phone on the boat


  1. Eek! Congratulations!!! This is great news! xoxo

  2. congratulations!!!!, a big big big kiss from madrid!!!!
    and you´ll tell us the preparations for the wedding, ok?


  3. this is one of the most beautiful rings I ve ever seen bella!
    you deserve it!!!!!

  4. Oh Wow! Congratualtions to both of you.

  5. Thank you all my sweet readers!
    I'll keep you posted with latest news.

    for sure I am going to ask for your help and support! *baci*

  6. aww how sweet! Many many congrats!

  7. congratulations! and thank you for adding me to your 'favourite'!

  8. Great ring and not before time!
    Love Karen.