The perfect excuse

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Sartorialist

Nop! we have not yet set a wedding date. But why should I wait to start looking at wedding dresses?

How fun can this possibly be?

Here is what I am looking for:

  • nothing that look like I am wearing a meringue oris too big (I am already big)

  • maybe something that with few changes I would wear again

  • pure white for sure

  • something simple and stylish (as I want to focus on accessorises)

  • what kind of dresses did you wear for your wedding or would like to wear?

    {source: The Sartorialist at D&G, MFW Sept10}


    1. I'm forever the bargain shopper...paid $50.00 for my AMAZING dress.

      I love the one in the picture!

      Stop by & see my $10.00 black vintage dress I wore to a wedding last weekend.

    2. i like "flowy" dresses - i think i'd be bohemian with my wedding - or couture - i really have NO idea who i am fooling!

      PS - pass on the GIVE-AWAY - $45 worth of goodness waiting for someone!

      *kiss kiss*
      ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

    3. This dress is seriously adorable. I agree with what you're looking for. Something that makes you look like a puff of white cloud is a well-trodden path and glad you're going to avoid it. It is still possible to look chic when getting married! Can't wait to see what you eventually decide on...