on breastfeeding (in public)

Wednesday 27 May 2015

This is not a polemic post on breastfeeding (so much fuss has been raised after Elle's Magazine published on its cover a model feeding her 4 months old baby).
But I'd like to share my (current) experience. I do breastfeed. Seven to eight times a day. This mean such moments are driving my daily life.
I felt so much nervous, shy and maybe bigot at the idea of breastfeed my child in public.
But I was at the point that if I wanted to go out with friends, take a walk in the city centre or enjoy a meal out, I had to change attitude.
The first few times I did it when with friends and their babies. It's when I've realised there's nothing to be scared or ashamed about (tough some men eyes do make me feel uncomfortable...). This is the most natural thing in the world.
One of the positive side of breastfeeding is exactly that you can do it anytime, anywhere. No need to microwaves, or go to bar to warm milk or carry bottles around!
My LittleAngel is just 5 months old and he is not interested in food at all! This mean I still have some time ahead to keep on breastfeeding!

Here below: two pictures of me breastfeeding in public [one at a byke race, one at the restaurant on Mother's day] and Elle's cover.

Baby wearing

Thursday 21 May 2015


Me and my child, a true love story.
He was born at seven months and needs extra cuddles from his mama.
To enjoy each other company and stay more close, the marsupio was totally necessary for both of us.
Not too mention how useful it is in those circumstances were handsfree are required.
This marsupio is from Boba: organic cotton, light, very comfortable and easy to wear.
I would recommend it to those like me are looking for a practical way to carry around your baby.
The marsupio's ergonomic design makes the baby feeling nicely wrapped and myself not struggling for his weight.
Let's take a walk together!

this is not a sponsored post

Gimme just few days more....

Wednesday 20 May 2015

I was this close to shut down this blog but it was like put aside a part of me....
This blog may not be popular or cool. No magazines talk about it.
But it's my little space for writing, express myself and have fun!

After a few challenging months as a new mum, I am ready to go back to blogging :)

Topics may be different due to new interests and life, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

See you soon!

New Life

Thursday 16 April 2015


What can I say?
Being a Mum is tirying, demanding and sometimes stressful.
But it also the most happy, sweet and rewarding job in the world!

My heart is full of love and joy these days...I couldn't be more happy...

on hold...

Tuesday 13 January 2015

I am still taking a break from blogging as I want to focus 100% on my newborn baby boy :-)
He is amazing and I love him to the moon and back...



Pregnancy madness

Tuesday 18 November 2014

because I am as happy as even and I cannot stop laughing and have fun!

27 weeks


Wednesday 12 November 2014

Sunday afternoon by the lake.
Taking advantage of nice temperatures, sun and the amazing sorrounds!

some mulet wine....

the Autumn colours were made my Mother Nature to please our eyes

Pure Happiness!!


Saturday 8 November 2014

I would never guess how certain things would change during pregnancy….
Like the type of underwear I am wearing, for example.
It’s no more "feeling sexy like a Victoria Secret model" kinda of girl… but more....old fashioned lady by being comfortable, with no strings, soft material that would accommodate your growing curves.
It’s not that I wearing no more lace or Bridget Jones style underwear.... but certain pieces, like the one in the pic are put on the lower drawer of my closet.
For now.