Sweet tooth

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I know, I should have cook something light, more appropriate for my diet but I had to try cooking MUFFINS (never done before)!
And I chose the banana ones, so it contains fruits, which makes them healthy, right??

I started a busy working day with one muffin and an orange squeeze and I felt so high in mood and rewarded from the good job I have done (of course, I have made the muffins the previous evening).

I should thank Debbie and her blog full of delicious recipes and posts:

it's the blog where I have found the link of this yummy recipe:

Do you have any yummy recipe you would like to share?

All the ingredients

almonds, noisettes and walnuts

look at the oven!

if only you could smell it...

White is the perfect colour for the weekend!

Monday, 29 March 2010

A month ago we spent the weekend in the fantastic town of Leukerbad, Switzerland.

Outdoor thermal pool


The food was amazing with great potato and meat dishes. Bread and sweets were to die for.
The only thing we missed was the champagne breakfast in the pool as you have to book it weeks in advance!

I guess you are now thinking if I'd sky....ehm, no, I did not...
We both do not like skiing. I like ice-skating but most of all, walking, playing with snowballs, taking pictures and enjoy the amazing place I was surrounded by.

It felt so refreshing and inspiring!
Plus, thermal water was such a bless for my skin that was smooth and soft, with a healthier look.
I felt incredibly relaxed and re-charged.

Did you ever tried the thermal bath?

Get Inspired - Food

Thursday, 25 March 2010

my artwork

Nutella, yummy!

Many of you are Nutella lovers (just like me!!), so I would like to share this yummy link with all of you:
Nutella Recipes


Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

Ice Cream

I am an ice cream addicted!

Saturday in Milan

Monday, 22 March 2010

Wake at 6.00am, missed train and so breakfast at the nearby pastry shop and then left for Milan by train.
Another 5 min by underground and we were at the castle.
A major Italian bike race was taking place and, as HIM is a BIG supporter and he as to be there (what do you do in the name of love...).

Anyway, I have enjoyed myself by taking pictures and, ehm, look at the cyclists...


The sky was grey but it seemed getting better and as soon as I thought about it started raining!
Day ruined...YES! Because I HATE umbrellas and hats. When it rains, people seem more rude and unrespectful.

Well, we went in and out shops, tried things on and took pictures. But I have not spent money, ehm...just a little bit....a very tiny amount on a red summer work dress by H&M, and HIM bought only a sport jacket to cover up as we both did not carry hats, umbrellas, or raincoats.

We had a quick lunch and a walk on some of the most stylish streets in city. Back to the train and home.

It was a lovely day but, to be honest, with no rain it would have been better.

10 Corso Como

vintage shops

Finally there!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday for me represents the longest day of the working week...

The afternoon seams last forever! Anyway, as I had a very busy week where, except for the gym, I was not able to enjoy myself, I managed to see a friend of mine for lunch-break today.

We grab a big mixed salad (we both are on a diet) but we decided to indulge ourselves with a special coffee.


Then, just a quick walk on the city centre before we both would go back to our offices.

Unfortunately for us (but not for our wallets), all shops were closed so we could only do window shopping (...)

Well, I do not had a budget anyway :-)



How was your working week?

How and where do you spend your lunch breaks??

The 'real' me

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ylenia Lessio

A 30 something fun spirit who likes to smile a lot, enjoys cooking and sports, kind of obsessed with fashion, creative and would love to travel the world (or at least visit a lot of places). I have a thing for dresses, chocolate, the nature and my enthusiasm about life makes enjoy every marvelous bit of it.

I need a blog to share my story, my interests and hear back from others. Truly appreciate each follower & comment. Contact me: ylenialessio@yahoo.co.uk

p.s. Olivia is a nick name I used to be called with, but I needed a 'real' contact with you, my dear readers. So I decided to use my real name: Ylenia.

Hope you still enjoy the reading!

Longuette in Wonderland

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland Last night I have been to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was my first 3D movie and it was an exciting experience!

Fabulous story, incredible landscapes and the actors were great. Actually, I really liked the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) and the way she impersonate the character of the Queen.

I am sure most of the people have been caught by the special effects or Johnny Depp. But I was desperate to see the outfits (especially Alice’s) and shoes!!! Alice wears mainly flats and I liked the pair with the bows on the ankles.

Guess what I did when I came back home? A cup of tea on my Limoge’s china!!

My favorite characters where the twins: funny, crazy, cute and cuddly!

Which character did you like the most?

Chicken with artichokes - my way

Friday, 5 March 2010

After a day at work, an hour at the gym and the trip to/from work I am so tired that my dinners are always quick, but nice indeed.
Yesterday I bought some artichokes, which I cooked with chicken.

Here is the recipe (for 2):
3 artichokes
3 chicken breasts
1 bottle of wine (1 glass for the recipe, the rest to drink over dinner)
Ginger root cut into small slices
Cornflour oil


Remove the external leaves from the artichokes, cut one/third of its top, cut the stalk, leaving it just 5-6 cm of it.
Wash it carefully and cut it into thin slices.


Pour 3 spoonfuls of cornflour oil into a wok, add the artichokes and cook while tender. You may have to add some water to prevent them burning : )
Put the lid on and keep the fire underneath bright.

Cut the chicken breasts into slices and toss them into the flour.

chicken breasts

Add the chicken into the wok and gently whisk them. Add a glass of wine, salt, ginger (but you can use any season or spice you’d like) and cook for 5 minutes.

If you make this recipe for lunch, you can boil some Venere's rice (black rice) as a side dish.

And here it is! Tasteful, light, low calories and quick to made, even with all those chopping!

Ops…..I forgot to take the picture of the cocked dish!
But I was starving and I needed to prevent HIM to stuff himself with cheese while waiting for the dinner to be ready! Eheehheeheheh!

Try this recipe and let me know

p.s. the pig chopping board was made in fir wood by my dad

Virtual shopping

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

...do not mean I did on-line shopping...

It's just that:

1) I have to save (desperately)
2) I am on a diet and my size may get smaller (so, no worth in buying something that I will wear only one month!)
3) My closet is way too full of clothes, some of which have been wore only a couple of times. I have to force myself to start wear everything.
4) Cannot borrow clothes from my friends (never done it, I am too jealous of my own style and pieces)
5) I have a chance to improve my creativity (for all the above, I am so having fun by trying and mixing new, old and out-to-date stuff, my beloved great pieces and also I made some clothes myself!)

so, for now, just watching (oh... me poor thing...)

you know, I have a thing for dresses

Coast dresses

I am in a (desperate) need of a satin clutch

Coast satin clutch

this new Matilda bag from Liu Jo will be perfect with my grey work suit and I am going to attend another big meeting...

Liu Jo Matilda bag