Stay stylish from am to pm!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

This is a little inspiration board for those of you that, like me, spend out all day and often do not have time to get home and change.

My best advise for going from office style to evening look? Invest in a cover up that will effortlessly work your wardrobe round the clock...


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Butterflies are opening their wings to life

Cherry trees are in full blossom

Weddings and Love all around

My favourite season

Lazy Sunday

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hello, loves! Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Not sure if you've heard but we're braving through a snow storm here in Milan. It's supposed to last for a couple of days so today I've hunkered down and stay indoors until it's safe to venture outside.

This is how I've spent a lazy day...

...wearing comfortable clothes...

...flicking through some fashion books...

...fresh flowers to bring Spring in and a girly manicure...

...reading my favourite book in bed...

...having fun taking some pictures...

Enjoy the start of the week, sweets!


Friday, 15 March 2013

Marta Marzotto, oggi come ieri più che una donna una leggenda, un’esplosiva, inarrestabile sorgente di energia, di entusiasmo, di invenzioni e metamorfosi a getto continuo.
Stilista, musa, ecclettica e unica avvolta nei suoi famosi kaftani. Legata all’arte e alla moda, una vera e proprio icona di stile italiana.
Questa é una piccola selezione di foto che vogliono essere un piccolo diario del suo stile unico e sempre molto eccentrico e personale.

Marta Marzotto, today as yesterday, more than a woman I would say a real legend, explosive, unstoppable source of energy, enthusiasm, invention and metamorphosis in a continuous stream.
Stylist, muse, eclectic and unique wrapped in his famous kaftans. Linked to art and fashion, represented a true icon of Italian style.
This is a small selection of photos you want to be a little diary of his unique style and always very quirky and personal.

Un mistero sotto gli occhi di ognuno. Fatalista e libertaria, tenera e dura come un diamante, story-teller e anfitriona impareggiabile, charme meduseo e irresistibile, Marta, in una parola, è unica, unica. That’s it. Happy Birthday, cara Marta.

last thing you know who her son is? one of the most eligible Italian's Bachelor!!

BBW: Black Berry Week - visual diary

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

1. wearing my Kabih Kayrouz's shirt
2. an amazing terrace over Lake Maggiore
3. H&M Concious Collection shirt (on sale by March 21)
4. handmade (by me!) bread
5. gold and red manicure
6. espresso with love!
7. Pistacchio soufflé with goat milk ice-cream
8. sweet present from Elena Mirò!

This place

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Colourful, vibrant and full of the artist and owner’s personality.
Would you like to live in such a rainbow’s house or would you prefer something more plain and minimal?

Colorato, vivace e che riflette la personalità della proprietaria.
Vi piacerebbe vivere in una casa arcobaleno o preferireste un ambiente più semplice e minimale?