Sunday, 31 January 2010

I like to mix up colours, especially unusual ones.
It adds up some extra style to my outfits.
As I recently wrote, I am in desperate need of sun, light and higher temperatures to looks more fashionable.

Why? I am always cold! If I have to walk I cannot bare to use décolleté', skirts are almost prohibited and I have to cover my upper body under layers of wool! Am I getting old??
Nop! I was born in a warm place and I cannot cope with the winter.

I have a trick, actually, a piece I wear which keep me warm and protect me from rigid temperatures....but really, I am waaayyy ttooooo shyyyy to unveil it..... [you may have guessed that is not a very fashionable piece of clothing…]

But if you beg me, I will tell you....

In which side of the bridge?

Saturday, 23 January 2010

As a student, I was working at this Virgin Megastore Internet café and once I got caught from these deep blue eyes and the goose feathers flying all over the place from his winter jacket!

He would pop from time to time and I would force my colleagues to let me do his bill in order to chat him up!

And then, we became friends for life!

A great traveller, a public relation expert, a kind, loving, intriguing man, but most of all, an exceptional photographer.

My friend Marcello Capotosti was born in Argentina from Italian's parents and he spent part of his life in the US and in the UK.

Could you think of a broader background of cultures?

His works have a common feel of beauty and passion for light, they are pure emotions. This is why he has commissions from Governments, councils, universities, film productions, travel magazines and even weddings.

You may be lucky to spot his blue eyes around the world, as he is flying across the two emisphere, working on the two sides of the 'bridge' (as he said), the South America and Europe.

I am posting a small selection of the pictures I like the most.

Marcello Capotosti - Travel
Marcello Capotosti - Party
Marcello Capotosti - Travel

Marcello Capotosti - Movie Still
Marcello Capotosti - Commission
Marcello Capotosti - Wedding

Don't you think they are amazing? Let me know your feedbacks!

Marcello Capotosti - Invitation to Exhibition

Paul Smith for Evian

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Do you know right that I am into interior design (thanks to my father, a painter and wood carpenter)?

The other day Him brought me three beautiful flowers he pick up from the garden and I had no vase for them! Him would always give me big bunches and all of my vases are medium/big size. And a couple of very small (well, they really are the whisky glasses...) for the tiny little daisies. But what for these three long stalk flowers?

Here what I found! A bottle of water. But not a plastic one, a designer one!
Mr. Paul Smith has added his magic touch to one of the most famous water in the world: Evian.

Paul Smith for Evian

Here's the deal:
1) Designer piece for little price
2) The bottle matches to all the other furniture
3) If I get fed up, I would not feel bad by bin it!

Evian room

Curves are back!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Check the latest issue of V-magazine

this bodysuit from Dsquared is so cool!

What do you think about curves?

Post your comment, I want to hear from you...

What's in my bag?

what I am carrying today with me

Bag_ vintage
Phones_ Nokia
Cosmetic bag_ Clinique
Rouge pulp_ L'Oreal
Nail lacquer_ Virgin vie
Eye lashes_ Golddiga
Body spray_ Impulse Paris Limited Edition
Lip Balm_ Hello Kitty
Earrings_ Camaieu
Wallet_ a male one!
Address book_ WHS
USB key
Notebook_ Paperblanks

Reading, reading, reading...

Monday, 11 January 2010

the latest books I read

As I spend long ours in airports and I am a trouble sleeper, I read quite a lot. I enjoy biographies, adventure (a là Wilbur Smith), and novels.

I recently read these two books which I found hilarious. Funny stories that do not require too much 'brain effort'and are the perfect company for those times I just want to relax.

And I ABSOLUTELY adore Sophie Kinsella. I read all her books (to keep my English at a decent level - as I am not a native speaker-->you wouldn't believe it, would you?
What I adore about her books, are mainly the high level of happiness and fun that ride through the characters and the stories - see for example the Shopaholic serie.

I don't know much of Isabel Wolff (author of A vintage affair) but I will read more about her.

When I read a book I very much like, I cannot put it down: I miss deadlines, to call my mother, my lunch breaks include a salad and the book and I cannot put it down even when I the lady's room. In fact, sometimes I just need a wee and stay there half an hour as I have to go to the end of the chapter!

Guess what? Once I nearly miss a plane as when I am reading, I am so rapt by the story that I am like deaf and I have no feelings of what's around me!!!!

Next Book?
Well, I have this "Memories of a Geisha" that is getting a lot of dust on the bedside table, but believe me, I started reading it and, it's a little, well, boring....or maybe I am not into the right mood for it.
Any feedback that will make me more curious about the book?

Window Shopping - London

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Look what I have spot in this window in London!
The black heels are just fantastic. I took note of their brand and found out they are an Italian brand, Kallisté.
WOW, they have dream shoes, but if I buy another pair, I will have to move out to make room for them!
I can her you saying 'but your flat is too small', yes, but I have too many shoes, really...

Talking again about bright colours, the Turquoise shoes are so nice! I am thinking of the queen of France Marie Antoniette wearing them...probably not in such colour...but anyway...

Knit and Pastels

Back in UK, with inches of snow and very low temperatures, I need to keep myself warm but I still need to be glamorous.
So I spotted these fabulous knits in a Oasis store (a brand I adore!).

But I can't wait for Spring! Pastels are going to be hot and I am looking forward to to shop for lots of accessories.
Actually, I wear brigth accessories all the time, even in the winter season as I am not a black color fan (please dot fall off the seat!)
Yes, it’s true, I rather weather blue or brown, even a dark shade of brown but black makes me feel miserable.

Colors just bring fun, happiness and joy to my life.

Check these outfits from Dorothy Perkins now. Aren’t those jade bags amazing?

Vintage 70s

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

For their honeymoon, my parents spentsome days in Rome (Italy).
My mum bought a leather bag from one of the most fashionable boutique of the capital.
It has no label.
Of course the bag is nw in my hands and I use it for special days.
After so many years, the bag is still trendy and I when I carry it with me, I feel like I am bringing a piece of story of fashion with me. And, of course, a piece of love.
Am I too romantic?

Ehi, Max Mara!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

You know, I have a thing for details and accessories.
I use jewels as an important part of an outfit. For this spring, I have spot, while working in Milan, this marvellous leather necklace in Max Mara.
Did not really have time for shopping, it's a pity as winter sales has just started!

But I may be able to grab something in the next days...