A sea...an ocean of shoes!!!!

Friday 30 April 2010

Here is an exquisite collections of shoes: black, heels, flats, mine, from others, wedges, anything that wrap up our feet!

Irregular Choice

Giuseppe Zanotti

New Look


from Creature Comfort

from Garance Doré - Zara

from Apartment Therapy


Anna dello Russo shoes - from Garance Doré

Zimra Platform Shoes by Zandra Rhodes

Miu Miu

Pour la Victoire from sheshebonbon


I have put together a short reference list of online shoe shops:


and click here for a shoes photo gallery

_please send me your links of favourite brands or pictures of your shoes_
I would love to share with you every women's passion!

I am off sick...

Monday 26 April 2010

I am off ill...

With these swinging temperatures many people are not feeling well.
I have spend the last two days in bed with cold, sore throat, temperature, headache.
I am stuffing myself with paracetamol, tea with honey and mint spray for the nose.

I have to get well soon as on Wed and Thu I am going to attend a company event. I have to be at my best, but today I feel so bad that I do not really know how I will be able to cope with two busy days...

Anyway, I will come back with more lovely things soon!

ciao a tutti

Get Inspired - Places

Friday 23 April 2010

Desenzano del Garda, Lake of Garda, Italy

Corte, Corsica

Nice, Côte d'Azur, France

Val Masino, Italy

Laveno Mombello, Lake Maggiore, Italy

Zaanse Schans, Holland

Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, Italy


Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Almost all the pictures have been taken by myself.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

I have just found out that a new Sophie Kinsella book from the Shopaholic series is going to be released!

It won't be available until September, but here's something to whet my appetite while I am wait. It's the front cover artwork for the UK, Australia and New Zealand edition of 'Mini Shopaholic'.

How I get into the Shopaholic world

I am a big reader, always been and when I dedided it was time for me to improve my English, I started reading in English!

Somehow at first I was attracted from the cover and its graphic, then I bought the first novel of the series.
Love at first sight, could not put it down, totally addicted!

I read all of the books series, of course, in English, as soon as they were released and also the other books from Kinsella.

Since I got back to Italy and found difficulties in getting the book when released, I am relying to my best friend Amazon :o)

Can't wait until September!!!

Q:: have you ever read any of her books?

A rainy Sunday in

Sunday 18 April 2010

A few things I have done today (as I told you I was alone all the weekend).

:: catch up with some [light] reading

Sex and the City: the movie, Kiss and Tell
Paris Hilton - confessions of an heiress
Kylie Minogue - the showgirl princess
Madonna - the English roses
Fashion now
Isabelle Wolf - a vintage affair
Kathleen Tessaro - elegance
Elsa Schiapparelli - shocking life
fashion booklet from Roberto Cavalli's a/i 07/08 Milan fashion show

:: made pasta for tomorrow's lunch at the office

crochet pot holder - handmade by grandma

:: looked at yesterday splurge

I am joking! just 5 euro!!!!

:: stored winter scarfs

mustard and beige scarfs from H&M, corsage and other scarfs labeless

:: read a lovely e-mail from a friend

Karen, my lovely Irish friend made these funny pictures! Aren't they amazing?

:: got some "me-time"

I had a lovely bubble bath and I have done my nails
Vera Wang - princess perfume
Bottega verde - cherry blossom body lotion
Impulse - Paris limited edition body spray

Isn't blue trendy? my nails looks so cool!

:: got to thinking about my relationship...

...and the reasons why I love HIM so much and how lucky I am to have found my Prince Charming

:: took a picture of myself with the timer

removed little wrinkles with Photoshop (!) and realised that I am always shy in front of a camera...

Off I go, have a great week!!!

Someone said: the lower the mood, the higher the heels*

Saturday 17 April 2010

And I do agree with this way of thinking.
When I am feeling blue or have fat days I tend not to dress up or I wear little make up, no jewellery, flats.
Nothing works worst than that!

How can you possibily feel better in such way?

How would you feel on a bad day if you look at yourself in the mirror not properly dress up?
NOT good for sure.

So, put some effort to dress up, wear an unusual accessory, don't skip make up and perfume.
This won't solve your problems or worries but at least you will feel better looking at yourself in the mirror and you may get nice words from people.

So, this is what happened to me on Friday morning.
with the weekend ahead, I have check the weather forecast: rain.
My scenario for the two free day was:-
Boyfriend: busy with family and I am not involved
Parents: engaged in some stuff, not visiting
Friends: made many calls and everyone seams to be busy with kids&stuff

not a good start...

Feeling pretty low (and lonely), I decided to dress up. I was elegant, sophisticated with a twist. I did not bright my mood BUT I definitely felt good.

Plus, do to the vulcano eruption and troubles all over Europe, we had unexpected visits from the High Management in the office due to the change of the airplane route.
As casual Friday, I was so posh that I was standing out from the colleagues (with a boost for my ego...).

Plans for the weekend:
cleaning my flat (with extra effort)
do some ironing
watch at least three episodes of Sex and the City
sort some nice pictures I would like to publish on my next posts
catch up with some reading from work.

Did I tell you that in two weeks I'll be at company event?
no new outfits for the day event, I have thee-four working suits.
But I have to check on my wardrobe the outfit for the gala dinner...

I'll keep you posted, my lovelies readers

(any comment to raise my spirit over the weekend is highly appreciated)

* I think I read it in Garance Dore's blog

On my balcony