Pregnancy madness

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

because I am as happy as even and I cannot stop laughing and have fun!

27 weeks


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sunday afternoon by the lake.
Taking advantage of nice temperatures, sun and the amazing sorrounds!

some mulet wine....

the Autumn colours were made my Mother Nature to please our eyes

Pure Happiness!!


Saturday, 8 November 2014

I would never guess how certain things would change during pregnancy….
Like the type of underwear I am wearing, for example.
It’s no more "feeling sexy like a Victoria Secret model" kinda of girl… but more....old fashioned lady by being comfortable, with no strings, soft material that would accommodate your growing curves.
It’s not that I wearing no more lace or Bridget Jones style underwear.... but certain pieces, like the one in the pic are put on the lower drawer of my closet.
For now.

a warm Autumn day

Saturday, 1 November 2014

 26 weeks

Last weekend it was incredibly hot here in northern Italy. We spent Sunday afternoon in Arona, by Lake Maggiore.
We had coffee in the amazing restaurant were we got married… it was so romantic…. Everytime I’ll go there, a little tear of emotions show up. It was the best day of my life and I could not help having overwhelming feelings of love, joy, fun, sweetness and magic!

I am 26 weeks and the size of my belly is still small (not complaining at all!). I am doing great and couldn't be happier!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Layer up in the transiction season.
It’s the only thing that works!
You can adjust to different temperatures,
enjoy wearing more the one piece of (fashionable) clothes
and have more fun in dressing up!

Well, this is what works for me…..and for you?
Do you have any other tip for Autumn temperatures?

50 shades of blue

Thursday, 23 October 2014

 #25 weeks

Pardon my hair. Sometimes I just forget to style them and this is the result, witches-look-a-like!
A friend of mine asked if I was wearing all these tones of blue in honor of my son (yes! We are having a boy!).
Just a coincidence!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Still in the house hunting process (too picky or just taking the mission too slow?)

Looking for furnishing inspirations.
I can definitely see myself sitting in this lovely corner with my sleeping baby on the cheast
and a good book on my hand...
I am currently devouring 'The Rosie Project' by Graeme Simson

just because

Saturday, 11 October 2014


just because this picture is amazing!
Club Monaco AW14-15


Friday, 3 October 2014


this is what I call 'the perfect dress':
the neat shape, the feminine lace, the delicate colour.
just love it!

by Tadashi Shoji


Friday, 19 September 2014

yep, I am pregnant!
21 weeks so far and doing great.
It’s a boy.

 Life is hectic as usual and I am as happy as always.

 I am embracing this new life and living every moment of it: the new food habits, a different attitude towards my job (and related stress), and the need of more sleep and relax time.

Nothing says I am pregnant to me as I have no issues such as nausea, swollen legs, etc. I am very healthy, switched Zumba to swimming, and cycling to sewing (very strange change!).

 I am adjusting my fashion tastes in order to adapt at new needs such as comfort and soft clothes.

Lucky I am, my belly is barely showing up this means, no maternity clothes needed so far (most of the times maternity clothes are boring).

 What can I say more?

You’ll see more baby-related posts and my new adventures as a mum-to-be (I haven’t lost my travelling ‘gene’ therefore I am always around the world. Well, for now.)

 Sending you all my love…


Monday, 15 September 2014

A long skirt in a pale shade is perfect for transitioning to the new season.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

I am alive!
Busy (as usual)
With great news
Following new projects 
and be as happy as possibile!

Soon a new post...

...stay tuned!