Window Shopping

Sunday 29 August 2010

Wonderful day at Locarno and Ascona (Swiss). The sun and the blue sky seems to be there oly for us.

Holiday part 5

Thursday 26 August 2010

And then we headed to Slovenja which we enjoied a bit less than other places. But we had a lovely time.

Almost 10 days had passed and we decided to stop for few days at my parents so we drive back to Italy.

Mum was great and did all the laundry!! I met my friends and I cycled....again!

Few more days at home and back to work.

Holiday part 4

Believe me, some of the places we went to visit where breath-taking, so marvellous that we would feel like living in a fairytale.

And we stay in this AMAZING bed and breakfast, outside Klagenfurt which was an old farmhouse from late 1800. All furniture was original, there was a swimming pool, a huge garden, and the food was fab!! I still recall the walnut cake I had for breakfast...yummy!

Schlossgut Gundersdorf

Holiday part 3

And finally the SUN!

Time to bring out our bicycles and adventured around the crisp lakes, sorrounded by stunning green fields and forests.

The longest ride for me was of 50 km! Could you believe it?

Y & P

Holiday part 2

The first two days in Austria were also wet. More cities to discovered (and lots of window shopping!).

I was so impressed about the colours of the sky which you can see in these pictures in many incredible shades.

The nature always give lots of powerful emotions a it fills my heart with joy, happiness and peace.

(yes, on the right there is a rainbow)

Holiday part 1

We were welcomed by Germany with three days of rain, cold temperatures but a lovely scenery. The Bayern area is very romantic and there is so much to do.

However, going from 35°C to 10°C was quite challenging, like from salad to soup!

But it was a lovely time to sightseeing, curling up in bed spending hours cuddling and dive into the culture.

The colours of life

Spittal, Austria

yes, I can definitely say that my holidays were full of colours:

colours of the sky,

colours of the fields,

colours of the cities and towns,

but most of all,

the colours of life!

As simple as life

Monday 23 August 2010

Here I am, back from my Summer vacation!

With lots of beautiful pictures from my holiday, lots of new ideas and lovely stuff to publish.

Also stay tuned for my first giveaway...

I am officially on vacation!

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Plan B: south Bayern (Germany) and Carinzia (Austria), Slovenja and finally the sea + visit at my parents.

Everything packed, high in mood, pc and phone switched off.

My dear readers, I'll see you in two weeks! I'll miss you!!!!