Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My lovely readers I am pretty busy these days and I'll be disconnected from blogland.

Many lovely news, cools pictures and exciting adventures very soon.

Wishing all of you a *sparkling* 2011!!!

Latest gift wrapping...

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


hello my lovely readers!
I wish all of you a fantastic Xmas full of joy, happiness, chocolate (who cares about cellulite?), love and all new clothes you dream of!

As for me, i'll be going to visit my family for three days. I am not taking any break right now as I'll stock up holiday days for Spring.

Hope you enjoy these pictures taken over the past week.

I'll see you next week!

Feriolo - Lake Maggiore

Designer water the new wine

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

While having lunch in Paris, I ordered water and I was given a San Pellegrino branded from Missoni.
First of all, it was funny to get a designer piece for so little money.
And second, Missoni is my neighbour (yes, family home and factory are 2 blocks away), and I felt home!

Anyway, in one of my first posts, I recall publishing some pictures from a bottle of Evian designed by Paul Smith.

So, I did some research on 'water and designers' and found out that many fashion designers have adventured into the 'water' field. What's the added value to a bottle of water?
From my side, I love flowers and I love to use unique bottles instead of vases.

Neverthless, the feeling to own a designer piece. Not talking about the shape of the bottle that can be a real state-of-the-art piece of design.

In my research I have found out that the bottle of water is a also a good piece of merchandise and promotion and offers an incredible variety of personalisation.

Evian is the worldwide water brand that more then anyone collaborate with designers.
San Pellegrino and Perrier are also good examples.

Mastermind Japan per Fillico water

Burlesque water!

From Norway, Isklar water

Last but not least, drinking one glass of water (room temperature) as soon as you wake up in the morning will help to detox your body, flash out all impurities, help your bow to be regular, restore those water the body has lost during the sleeping, works wonder on your skin. Remember to drink water regularly during the day to keep your lovely body hidrated.

Boxed water and Dior feeding bottle

All I want for Xmas is you (and so many other things!)

Friday, 10 December 2010

I am a grown up, I have a job and so a salary and I can buy things, right?!

BUT, when it comes to Xmas, I still enjoy to write Santa's a letter and I am going all excited and thrilled about that like a kid! *Yes*, I am still writing the letter but put it into the boyfriend's laptop bag and hope for the best!

Well....I have to admit that sometimes I buy stuff, wrap it, and place it somewhere in the house and on the 25th pretend Santa had come along....you cannot imagine how much fun and laughs we have!!!!!!!!!!

Why not? just because I am not a kid anymore? no way! let's have fun!
Here is my crazy* wishlist:

*crazy because the items are either too expensive or so cheap and affordable (and maybe useless)...

1, 2 - Gorgeous and feminine dresses [Next, Kionna]

3 - One of my most-wanted ever dress [Wallis]

4 - I have never enough of accessories [Wallis]

5 - Anything (and when I say it, I mean it) from this brand [White Owl]

6 - Ankle boots [River Island]

7 - A real fur collar, just like the one Stephany is wearing [le blog de big beauty] I have a fake one, but brown, see it here

8 - Thierry Mugler Angel solid perfume [I do not like the smell but the ring is so cool!]

9 - the latest iPhone and a spaklying cover, of course

10 - a new camera (but not a reflex, it won't fit into my clutch), mine crushed after the trip in Paris

11 - All these nice accessories [River Island]

what's in your Xmas wishlist?

Snow and apples

Sunday, 5 December 2010

I have dedicated the entire weekend to ironing (watching SATC 2 just released on DVD ---> let me tell you that the movie in its original language is waaaay more nice then in Italian), cooking, cuddling Paolo. We had a walk under the snow, but everyone around was crazy for Xmas shopping.

Here are some pictures of what I cooked (not that we had the whole stuff!). Sometimes I do enjoy cooking many dishes at time and then have them all over the week or frozen them. With our busy life is so helpful to have something ready when you come back home hungry and it’s already 20.00…and I am not keen on supermarket readymade dishes, I’d rather cook by myself.

Let me tell you what I made:

1) My mum used to call them ‘uccellini’ (=little birds) when I was little. It’s just turkey breast, s/p, a slice of ham, some cheese (I used Grana here) and a tea spoon per each ‘uccellino’ of pickle (basically, a sort of chutney made of raisins, fruit, onion, it taste like sweet&sour, very nice combination with meat).
I’ve cooked them in a non sticky pan, with little olive oil, s/p, one cup of broth and some Marsala wine added when half cooked.

2) Bruxelles sprouts: I have removed the not-cute (!) leafs, discard the base and carve the button. I’ve cooked them in a non-sticky pan with butter, broth, s/p and some sweet paprika: delicious!

3) Broccoletti: When ready I seasoned with some s/p and good olive oil, nothing more.

4) Pumpkin soup. First time I’ve try it. Potatoes, onion, pumpkin, s/p, olive oil, some broth. (we usually have veggie soups at dinner in winter or I have it at lunch at work especially on Monday, when the office is particularly cold)

5) The apple pie!! We cook this pie around 8.00 pm, just after dinner. I got the recipe (try it, is delicious!) from my lovely blogger friend Anna (see her blogs here and here). As the recipe is in Italian, let me translate it for you:

4 apples cut into chunks (I used Golden Apple)
150gr of brown sugar for the cake
1 table spoon of sugar to caramelised the apples
25gr of butter
1 egg
1 cup of olive or sunflower oil
half cup of thinned slices almonds
300gr of flour
1 tablespoon of yeast

Peel the applesand cut them into chunks. In a non-sticky pan caramelise 25gr of butter with 1 tbs of sugar then add the apples and cook them till soften (now can add the cinnamon. I didn’t as I do not like it that much).

Aside, mix together almonds, flour, sugar, oil and egg in a bowl. If the mixture is too thick, add some milk. Then add the yeast.

Pour the mixture into a cake pan (I use the 26cm one) and gently add on top the apples (without the liquid). Cook it into the oven at 175° for 45-60 minutes.

Try it when it is still a bit warm: heaven!!!!!

Tips: next time I won’t adding almonds as you cannot really taste them (and the cake will be lighter in calories). I lined the cake pan with non-sticky paper just in case… Perfect for breakfast with some hot milk&coffee, *gnam*!

do you have any recipe with apple you’d like to share???