All I want for Xmas is you (and so many other things!)

Friday, 10 December 2010

I am a grown up, I have a job and so a salary and I can buy things, right?!

BUT, when it comes to Xmas, I still enjoy to write Santa's a letter and I am going all excited and thrilled about that like a kid! *Yes*, I am still writing the letter but put it into the boyfriend's laptop bag and hope for the best!

Well....I have to admit that sometimes I buy stuff, wrap it, and place it somewhere in the house and on the 25th pretend Santa had come cannot imagine how much fun and laughs we have!!!!!!!!!!

Why not? just because I am not a kid anymore? no way! let's have fun!
Here is my crazy* wishlist:

*crazy because the items are either too expensive or so cheap and affordable (and maybe useless)...

1, 2 - Gorgeous and feminine dresses [Next, Kionna]

3 - One of my most-wanted ever dress [Wallis]

4 - I have never enough of accessories [Wallis]

5 - Anything (and when I say it, I mean it) from this brand [White Owl]

6 - Ankle boots [River Island]

7 - A real fur collar, just like the one Stephany is wearing [le blog de big beauty] I have a fake one, but brown, see it here

8 - Thierry Mugler Angel solid perfume [I do not like the smell but the ring is so cool!]

9 - the latest iPhone and a spaklying cover, of course

10 - a new camera (but not a reflex, it won't fit into my clutch), mine crushed after the trip in Paris

11 - All these nice accessories [River Island]

what's in your Xmas wishlist?


  1. OMG! I love that yellow dress! its soooo classy!
    And the mustard color? !!!!!
    Of course, peacock necklace and that yellow ring are a must too!!!!
    Love them all!

  2. hi!!!
    i wish a miu miu bag but i´m not just a good girl enought to get it, i think so jajajaja
    kisses from spain

  3. Love it all!

  4. I want one of everything!! I especially love those gold sparkly peep toes in the last picture!!!

  5. Great wishlist, you have a fantastic taste! I'm not sure about mine yet.. still working on it :o))

  6. i love teh colour of #3 :D
    i just bumped into your blog! love it!

    xoxo from rome