L'età dell'eleganza

Friday 25 June 2010

Dior, Givenchy, Fath, Sully Dumas, Balenciaga and Galitzine. Ready-made unique dresses from the 50s created with superb Italian fabric.

Some of these dresses come from the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of New York and from the Musée Galliera of Paris.

All of them are part of the Spring/Summer collection of 1953.

The location: Villa Grumello on the Lake of Como

Lisette & Ylenia

Blast From the Past – Jelly Shoes

Summer sandals take on a retro vibe - these jelly shoes are straight out of my childhood seaside hols!

Now jelly shoes are trendy (even) in city!

which is your favourite pair???

To eat or not to eat

Tuesday 22 June 2010

As much as I love myself being curvy and sexy.....

...As much as I love to eat (and I live in a country where food is FAB!)...

...I need to lose a few kilos!!!

Sometimes I got breathless and climbing stairs is a pain. My knees hurt if I stay stand-up for long time (like when I iron for two or more hours).

Last year I have lost 14 kg by regularly exercising and dieting. I was so happy to find clothes more easily and felt more active and fit.

Then I got back 6kg during winter (too much stress at work and a bit of swinging mood so need of comfort food).

I have given up the gym for cost savings (one of the reason I need to save money is here) and running outdoor is no likely to happen (traffic/pollution/lack of mates).

I was thinking at a tapis roulant or a cyclette...

Have you seen this fancy one (called Cyclotte)?

But being on your own it is not that encouraging.

I guess my weakness right now is comfort food and eating when you don't feel hungry, plus like of motivation to excercise...

Anyway, I need to get back on track and behave properly.
Lose a few kilos and keep my lovely curves!

Please support me on pursuing my target of losing 10 KG!!!

suggestions, tips, ideas, recipes, anything you can share is welcome!

My sweetest post ever!

Saturday 19 June 2010

Chocolate, sugar sprinkles, icing, vanilla... Let me dream about cupcakes before I (seriously) start the diet on Monday...

My grandmother used to make a very plain one which I absolutely adore! I may be able to find the recipe through my aunt-- I'll let you know

Funny thing: Cupcakes are not popular in Italy, what a shame! If I want some, I have to make it myself!

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Last two weeks in pictures

Monday 14 June 2010

Curious on what I havee been doing over the last two weeks?
Let's have a look at some great moments...

The Golden Era party

Great location over the Lake Maggiore at sunset.


Looking somewhere to spend a romantic weekend and maybe bump into George Clooney?
you should come to Cernobbio on the Como Lake!
Small, trendy, romantic, with beautifully dressed women and a fairytale atmosphere!

Aperitivo by the Lake Maggiore

Anything nicer than having aperitivo on Sunday morning over the lake?
Grab a bunch of good friends, pick-up some lovely food, sunglasses and here we go!
the perfect recipe for a marvellous time!!!

In the name of love (in Lugano, Swiss)

You may think I am addicted to cycling...yeah, right. Actually I am not!
But my boyfriend is, crazy tough. And I am supporting his love for the two wheels going with him at races and stuff.
I always managed to have fun myself looking at the nature, taking pictures, talking to people and 'admiring' the cyclists....YEAH!

Isabella Birthday's party

Dinner with friends

and Happy Birthday to Paolo and Lisette!!