To eat or not to eat

Tuesday, 22 June 2010
As much as I love myself being curvy and sexy.....

...As much as I love to eat (and I live in a country where food is FAB!)...

...I need to lose a few kilos!!!

Sometimes I got breathless and climbing stairs is a pain. My knees hurt if I stay stand-up for long time (like when I iron for two or more hours).

Last year I have lost 14 kg by regularly exercising and dieting. I was so happy to find clothes more easily and felt more active and fit.

Then I got back 6kg during winter (too much stress at work and a bit of swinging mood so need of comfort food).

I have given up the gym for cost savings (one of the reason I need to save money is here) and running outdoor is no likely to happen (traffic/pollution/lack of mates).

I was thinking at a tapis roulant or a cyclette...

Have you seen this fancy one (called Cyclotte)?

But being on your own it is not that encouraging.

I guess my weakness right now is comfort food and eating when you don't feel hungry, plus like of motivation to excercise...

Anyway, I need to get back on track and behave properly.
Lose a few kilos and keep my lovely curves!

Please support me on pursuing my target of losing 10 KG!!!

suggestions, tips, ideas, recipes, anything you can share is welcome!


  1. Do you have stairs in your house?... perhaps you could run up and down the stairs..

    By cutting out carbs and refined sugar you can lose a few kilos without exercising... however living in Italy cutting out carbs could be pretty difficult LOL..

    Oh by the way you iron for more then TWO hours????... LOL i avoid ironing at all costs..LOL

  2. Kelly, you are so funny!
    unfortunately I live in a flat, so no stairs.
    And yes, avoiding carbs here can be difficult..(read pasta, pizza, bread.....)

    ; )

  3. No carbs, no sugar + exercise! thats the only thing that works for me!

    What about running?
    I went back to it and it feels soooooo good!
    I started being very tough with myself, no matter what, no matter the weather, I just went (like Forrest GUmp)and now I go 3 or 4 times a week. A bit of diet and some running, results are granted in less than one month!!!!
    I need to find a way to get back to my diet though, maybe if I know you do it, I'll convince myself aswell. :)

  4. I have one of these: You just put your bike up on it in a spare room, work out, and then you can put it away. It basically simulates the resistance of the road. I live in North America and mine cost me about 100 Euro. I use it in the winter as I cannot ride my bike in the snow! Perhaps you could find a used one second hand. Good luck! Stephanie

  5. i'm with ya hot stuff! - i need to lose some LBS too!!!!!! --- GOOOOOOO YOU!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  6. That food banned photo is so silly. I love it. Good luck!!!

  7. @ Stephanie: wow! that's a great idea!! actually, my b/f was talking about it (as he is into cycling), I may give it a think!!

    @ Amy: yes, sometimes I can be very silly!!! ; )

    @ Everyone: Thank you for your support everyone, I feel more motivated then ever!!! **BACI**

  8. ahahaha...pure io mi sto mettendo sotto, se non voglio andare al matrimonio (10 luglio) rotolando...tuttavia eliminare i carboidrati è solo deleterio (parla un'esperta)...ti crea un senso di fame, una crisi, che o soddisfi mangiando più del dovuto, o reprimi con un senso di irritazione che ti fa venir ancora più voglia di pasta a mezzogiorno è d'obbligo.
    Dai che ci impegnamo con corsa-bici...che ne diresti se qualche volta andassimo in piscina...mezz'ora di tavoletta per le gambe fa miracoli...

  9. Just a healthy balanced diet with lots of fruit, leafy vegetables and healthy excercise- swimming especially because it doesn't put stress on particular parts of the body as running does. Good luck!

    Lucy Laucht

  10. Just do SOMETHING every single day, whether it be walk, jog, bike or whatever. Just keep moving and eat smaller size meals, less pasta and bread and more chicken and fish!

  11. i lost weight by eating everything....only half of what i would normally eat. i must admit, the first few days are not easy!! then, when i had got used to coping with the "diet" i started jogging. first just 10 min (cos i really don´t enjoy jogging) and now i do 25 min, 2 times a week and i lost 10 kg in about 8 weeks....
    good luck!