Keep or Toss?

Thursday, 31 March 2011

This weekend it'll be all about closet reorganisation!

Store winter garments and check on Spring/Summer clothes from last years.

Pen and paper to scribble down what I miss ( aka maybe I need to add a few new pieces? )

Do you enjoy this [funny] activity?

Saturday's Outfit

Monday, 28 March 2011

jacket: vintage, from the 70's (with which I had a motorbike accident); skirt: Freemoda; scarf: an Indian colleague gift, handmade; sunglasses: Sash

Did I tell you that I used to be a biker?
I rode motorbykes since the age of 16, from motocross to HD, to 50CC to 800CC!

I did not have a car for years and would go anywhere all over Italy just with my motorbike (I even did go to PARIS one summer!)

Unfortunately I do not have many pictures, they are all at mum's but look what I've found, that's really interesting:
A friend of mine took this picture and send it to a very famous Italian motorbike magazine (Moto Sprint) that publish the picture! This really cheered me up as I just had an accident (infact you can see the emergency kit!) and I was wearing the leather jacket on the first pictures.

I am the girl on top of the yellow Kawasaki VN 800

Enjoy the sun!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

this is the 'Ciclo' from Leonardo da Vinci.

This fabulous reproduction have been made by my amazing DAD!
It has been displayed in several museums in Italy and Switzerland and during cycling races.

He build it just following da Vinci's old drawings and he used the same building technic; no modern equipments or assembling pieces!

illustration by Kris Atomic

How do I feel in 5 pics

Saturday, 19 March 2011

weekend has arrived and have many (enjoyable) things to do.
dress from Anna Scholz

to coffee and tea and herbal teas and anything like that (even only hot water!)

I am going to take a long walk, or at least doing some exercise

to buy a new pair a shoes (high heels, nude colour, leather)

I am doing some extra cleaning and change little things around home.
these glass creations are made by Meg McGregor from Bucks new university

Fashion DIY #1

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I've recently bought this dress from Camaieu which I fell in love with but happened to be too short for me (I do not have slim legs and at *my age* I rather cover up then show up flash...).

So, I bought a piece of nice material of one of the dress matching shade of brown. I've cut two rectangular stripes, sew them to make a strip, turn it inside out and pressed down with the iron to give it the right shape.

Then, I've sew it on dress, at the bottom of it, right behind the border.

{all the work has been done manually as I do not have a sewing machine!}

And here is the result:

I wear it with a long brown cardi, brown tights and boots.
Guess the colour of the bag and coat? brown!!!

The dress material is 100% warm cotton and it is very comfortable. Here I am wearing a pair of gold earings you cannot see as hidden by the curly...
But I also accessories it with a long, multi-brown shade necklace made in wood and stones.

Have a look at this coat: this is my grandmother's, from the 70's!
it's pure suede, very well cut, a masterpiece. This is one of my favourite piece in the wardrobe (also because it was nonna's).

Yesterday, while looking at some NYFW pictures I was amazed to find this Diane Von Furstenberg the same shape as mine and with the same strip idea!
I am feeling so fashionable! ;-)

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Monday, 14 March 2011

To me, the search of the perfect scent it's even more complicated then the search of the perfect husband...
Too many interesting ones but when you try them...not, you are not that sure...
Musky? Flowery? Old Style? English Lavander?

I love perfumes and I never go out without it.
I use more then one (well, not all together!), according the season, my mood and what I can grab while flying out as I am running late for work!

I am currently using: Beyoncé - Heat; Tommy Hilfiger - Dreaming; Lacoste - Touch of Pink; Escada.

What I totally dislike are masculine scents, strong ones (like Opium), all Dior and Chanel's (too old style). For sure I prefer sweet, flowery and fresh scents.

The time I spend in perfume shops are proportional to the numbers of bottles in my beauty table!!!!

And what about you my lovely readers, what are your favourite scents? How do you choose your favourite ones?

Tip: the best way to choose a scent is to spray it your inner wrist and wait 5 minutes for the perfume to adapt and mix to your natural smell. This will avoid you to buy something that at the first smell fab (and you'll later regret)!!!

Where my heart is now

Friday, 11 March 2011

Even though I live in the other part of the world, listening to currents [ugly] wars and natural disasters is making me even more homesick...

{for those who does not know, I live near Milan but I am originally from Bassano del Grappa, in the below pictures - both in Northern Italy}

photo credits: my brother Dimitri