La Redoute fashion show

Saturday 29 January 2011

Big night on Tuesday!

I've attended an amazing fashion show from Taillissime, brand from La Redoute hosted from Radio Italia.
The fashion brand, still pretty new in Italy, is doing great and this show proves it.

The location was the Radio Italia auditorium perfectly furnished and so glam.
The evening started with a Champagne reception and a few gossip between fashion journalists and invitees.

Paoletta, sparkling Radio Italia DJ was perfect in her presenter role.

I was completely taken by the soundtrack of the show but most of all from the models: real women, with real curves and real smile!

They look so happy, in peace with their soft-figure and radiant.

I've enjoyed the show so much and met so many interesting people.

These amazing models are also working on a project called 'Curvy Can' to help women accept themself and fight over eating disorders.

And now enjoy these amazing pictures!!!!

Models getting ready

Paoletta talking to La Redoute Marketing Manager

fashion journalist Barbara Christmann (left) and Francesca Madeddu Showroom manager (right)

(I want this dress NOW!!!)

Elisa d'Ospina, model and writer for Vogue Curvy

Every man dream (and so my boyfriend): two blondes!!!