News: one good, one bad

Friday 30 July 2010

The meeting went all fine and people were happy about my work in organising it.
The dinner on the island amazing.

Guess my surprise when I entered my room asn discovered I was staying on the Presidential Suite!
On 2 floors, with carpets, 3 balconies overlooking the garden, the pool and the lake. 2 tv flat screens, sofas, a biiiig bathroom with many beauty prod and the Jacuzzi!

What a treat! Believe me, I felt like a diva!!!

Unfortunately, on Friday late afternoon, I have been told from the travel agency that the hotel screw up the bookings and there were no rooms available for us....
You won't imagine my anger, just 1 day for departure and in August, when all the country shut down and everywhere is packed....

So, I may going to annoy you with a few more posts before we find somewhere else to go... damn it!

2 and half days to go

Wednesday 28 July 2010

In the next couple of days I will be attending a meeting entirely organised by myself. Everything is almost planned and I am happy the location and hotel chosen are incredibly beautiful (and will contribute to the success!).
Actually, I have been already in this place in April, you can see it here.
For Thursday evening I have organised a little tour island with a private ferry and a lovely dinner with local food on one of the most characteristic Borromeo's island.

On Sat I will have some stuff to finish off, but luckily I will be able to work from home and then...I will be leaving for my summer vacation on Sunday!

Need to finish packing, few things left to iron and I am done!

What are you plans for the next weeks? Do any of you go on vacation in the next days?

Blog Challenge: What I like about me

Sunday 25 July 2010

I am so flattered! I have been tagged in a blog challenge from my good blogger friend Jamie from Glamlatte. Check her out as she has great style, she is incredibly beautiful and she rocks!

Well, for this challenge I have to mention 6 positive things about myself and post a picture of myself that I like. This is defenitely a challenge.... Suffering of a low self-esteem and seeing myself not that beautiful, is going to take some time to find 6 (SIX!) positive things about me... But let me give it a try...

I am...


@ Vasto, Chieti, Italy

This pictures was taken last summer. I went to visit my relatives that moved to the coast after a bad heartquake destroy the whole city and their home.
It was so hard for me not being able to help, being far away from them. But I managed to spend my summer holidays with them, enjoy each other company and forget about misfortunes for a few days. I'd also lost more than 10 kg and heading to beach was a great reward too. For the first time I was not feeling like a whale! ;-)

Now I would like to see the following people take this challenge:

Michelle from Who is Bob-Parris

Carmen from Buscut

Dawn from The The Alternative Bride

Barbara from Barbara Crespo

Love you all + all of my followers!

In desperate need of...

Friday 23 July 2010

...a summer vacation!

this amazing place is Alberobello, Puglia, South Italy

A letter, and it wasn't a bill!

Wednesday 21 July 2010

How long since you last write or received a letter?
I am talking about an handwritten letter, from a relative, your family or a friend.
In the Internet era, quite a few people still love and enjoy writing their own messages. Like my good blogger friend C from Buscut. We exchange e-mails almost daily but writing is helping bring our friendship to a higher level.

Handwritten words expose yourself and show those sides of your character that in nowadays way to comunicate are lost.

Do you still write postcards or letters?
To whom?

If you would like to share this passion for handwriting with myself and C, please contact us.

(my) Summer Looks

Sunday 11 July 2010

Colours, light fabrics, sparkling accessories, trés chic looks for my amazing hot summer!

Which look do you prefer?

Have a lovely Summer!


Thursday 8 July 2010

you may have wonder what kept me faaar away from blogging...

well, the summer has arrived and I can't bare to spend my evenings at home.

With such a hot and sultry weather AND the fact that I live close to 7 lakes (yes, seven!), guess what I have been doing on my evenings in the past two weeks?


At the beginning of Spring I crushed with my dingy on a quay due to the strong wind.

It took me ages to fix the dingy as it rain quite a lot overall all Spring.

here it's me (yes, it's me!!), painting, scrubbing and amending the fiberglass body of the dingy.

As I am suffering from a 'housewife-syndrome', I did it all the cleaning and polishing until the dingy was perfectly neat and tidy.

and then here I am sailing on the Lake Maggiore!

refreshing, exciting, funny and healthy (it's a good excercise!).

Just in case you wonder, the dingy is only for two, around 4.5 meters and I keep it at the Sailing club.

Something going on...

Thursday 1 July 2010

A week pass by since my last post.
Did not have much time to blog, plus, I am also SO busy at work (last month and then summer vacations!)

BUT, I have done something funny, relaxing and helpful almost all evenings.
Looking at the picture, could you guess what I have been doing?

See you soon <3