A letter, and it wasn't a bill!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

How long since you last write or received a letter?
I am talking about an handwritten letter, from a relative, your family or a friend.
In the Internet era, quite a few people still love and enjoy writing their own messages. Like my good blogger friend C from Buscut. We exchange e-mails almost daily but writing is helping bring our friendship to a higher level.

Handwritten words expose yourself and show those sides of your character that in nowadays way to comunicate are lost.

Do you still write postcards or letters?
To whom?

If you would like to share this passion for handwriting with myself and C, please contact us.


  1. I always send handwritten thank you notes. I think it is really important to write those instead of emailing them. It makes it more personal!


  2. :) so happy you receive it, guapa!
    how's your week going so far? lot of work?