Giro d'Italia

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

As promised, here a few pics of my fabulous weekend made of sport, friends, family, and of course, the bycicle!

...just browsing..yeah, right...I can't tell lies!!... I have only bought one on those belts, in pink, and a nail polish in dark red.
Tot: less than 10 euro (cheap&chic!)

how good is cycling around feeling really free?

SATC 2's fever!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Latest up-date: here is the video of the premier in New York City

I have just booked the tickets for the cinema for Sunday night!!!!
I am so looking forward to see the new adventures of the fabolous 4.
The movie will be in Italian but I hope soon to buy the DVD for the original language.

which caracther do you prefer?

any guess on what will happen in this last episode?? (if you have already see it, PLEASE don't say anything!!!)

did you try any SJP perfume? I have Lovely but I am a not big fan of it. Covet was also not my style, but I have to try SPJ NY !

did you recognise Patricia Field, the costume designer?

If you ever wonder what I have done during the weekend, please come back and check it out in the next days!

I had pure fun!!

what do you think?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

when I was a teenager and did anything to straightened my hair!
the most crazy thing was to wash them and do not dry them. Then, put the helmet on and go around for hours with my moped until the hair would look more straight!!!

Wasn't I an idiot?? ; )))

do you prefer me with straight or curly hair?

..and finally, here I am outside a famous hairdresser in Capri (wearing a chignon)

che bei capelli!

have I annoyed you enough about my hair?
I don't think so!

I have curly hair and of course I would like to have them wave to be able to see their lenght.
Curly hair tends to be dry and don't look very healthy.

What I do for mine? I use tons of masques and conditioner, I use good hairdryer, a professional wood brush, plus good finishing products.
Hang on! you cannot imagine I happy I was last week to find my favourite (British) hair products to be sold in Italy!!

Anyway, here are some of the products I find to work wonder on my hair:

some looks I will pay a fortune to have (without going to the hairdresser everyday!)

and finally, here is an idea for a stylish look!

quick report of my Sunday (not ended yet!)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Great, finally, here's come the sun!
Cannot wait to take my bicycle and take a ride.
So, this morning we were off very early for a Sunday morning!
We'd stop by at a few of friends, had a breakfast in a lovely new café, and got lunch outdoor.
There was this meeting of Moroccan and Italians to exchange bits and flavours and we enjoyed some traditional meals of them.

Marella clothes on the background

wild strawberry

Left at 9.30, got back at 15.00. Now a bit of rest, a coffee, (ok, I am doing the ironing tomorrow evening...) and later on, 'aperitivo' with friends!!

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend too!

Bye lovelies