Dreams, dreams, dreams

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Silly, funny, not always crazy dreams.

Here is a list of mine. Why don't you share yours with me?

Places: US coast to coast on Route 66 with an old Cadillac, Virgin Islands
People: being friend with Sarah Jessica Parker
Shoes: having at least 100 pairs
Dress: a lovely one by Derek Lam
Partner: the dream actually became true!
Family: adopt a baby and a cute puppy
Body: slimmer tights and hair less curly and more straight
Food: being able to make a 3 layer cake and eat loads of junk food with no consequences!
Job: high level manager (and highly paied) but still working 9 to 5, Mon to Fri
Lifestyle: more fun, more sport, more free time
Impossible: speak French, Arabic, Chinese and German
Miracle: eat tons of chocolate and don't get fat, spots or cellulite

some of my dreams in pictures


  1. Great idea darling!

    Places: Alaska
    People: a weekend of wild parties with Paris Hilton
    Dress: any from Etro
    Family: see my niece more often
    Impossibile: living on a tree
    Miracles: won the National Lottery
    Body: platinum blonde à la Marylin Monroe
    Food: living of McDonalds only

    : )

  2. My dreams

    Places: New York, Barcelona, Los Angeles
    People: Sharing clothes with Mary-Kate and Ashley olsen and many other styleicons
    Shoes: having at least 100 pairs :)
    Dress: A closet full of 'em
    Partner: That one guy I always spot
    Family: two kiddies and a great hub
    Body: slimmer
    Food: Loads of sushi
    Job: Highly paied graphic designer or editor
    Lifestyle: Livin life to the fullest and being happy and selfconfident
    Impossible: Being more patient, anger management
    Miracle: Healhty familiy

    Hihi this was fun ok if i put it on my blog?
    Like your blog!
    x Funkydoris.blogspot.com

  3. I have made a 3 layer cake!!.. its easier then you might think!! I'll see if i can did out a pic of it!!

  4. thank you my dears fro your lovely comments!

  5. i love how you have such interesting dreams!! the 100 pairs of shoes is my favorite. :)

  6. I'm totally feeling the PLACES dream!
    next year we might try to cross the States from East to West and went to the US Virgin Islands last year (SOOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!!!!)

    About the chocolate...oh well...lets worry tomorrow, right?

  7. Places: Italy
    People: Adriana Lima
    Shoes: Christian Louboutins
    Dress: French Connection Sequin Mini
    Partner: Jude Law ;)
    Family: living closer to my mom
    Body: Smaller hips
    Food: Not being allergic to flour
    Job: Actress
    Lifestyle: Jet setter
    Impossible: Independently weathly!!
    Miracle: being a fashion designer :)