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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

when I was a teenager and did anything to straightened my hair!
the most crazy thing was to wash them and do not dry them. Then, put the helmet on and go around for hours with my moped until the hair would look more straight!!!

Wasn't I an idiot?? ; )))

do you prefer me with straight or curly hair?

..and finally, here I am outside a famous hairdresser in Capri (wearing a chignon)


  1. I love your hair in the first one..wavy and natural looking. But it looks great in all the photos! Personally my hair drives me nuts when it's straight.

  2. i LOVE the last pic of u - with the super curly hair!!! .. that's probably ur natural, step out of shower and put a lil product in it and go? .. perfection!

    love this post!

  3. I prefer the second and third pictures but they all look good :0)

  4. grazzie mile Ylenia for your words always!!!!, you´re pleasant and loving woman.
    i'm really grateful for your support.
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    all help i could receive of you and your followers and friends will be womderful!!!!! hahaha
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    sorry for my english....

  5. You look great every way! I have the same hair issues you do :)

    Thx for stopping by my blog. Yours is great! Looking forward to following along :)