Roasted Peppers

Sunday, 9 May 2010

I am so bad!
I haven't post for an entire week but I have been very busy at work.
Did not have time to enjoy any free time but at least I managed to see some friends over the weekend.

Last night I have made a very Mediterranean side dish which I would like to share with you.
Here is how to make roasted peppers:

Take 3-4 big peppers (red, yellow and green). I prefer yellow and red because sweeter.
Roast them over a grilled pan on each side. They will look flat and burned.

Remove them from the pan and cut them length way, open them so they cool down.
Use a knife to remove all burned skin and seeds. Cut into stripes 1-2cm wide.

Put all the striped peppers on a serving plate and season with good olive oil, salt, fresh parsley and two-tree gloves of garlic cut into two pieces.

Wisk well and keep it aside until meal time!

I personally remove garlic before serving them. They are so refreshing if served cold.

Simple and so tasty recipe; try it!!!


  1. They smell of summer, I am sure!!

    what do you serve them with?


  2. ...mmmm...fame! complimenti per il blog, sei davvero una ragazza positiva e in gambissima!

    Lisa (...quella di sabato sera)

  3. YUM!!!! thats one i'll be making...

  4. yummy yummy!!!!!
    oh...I'm on a diet! :(

  5. Kelly, they are not fat, healthy actually! they are part of the mediterranean diet!