quick report of my Sunday (not ended yet!)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Great, finally, here's come the sun!
Cannot wait to take my bicycle and take a ride.
So, this morning we were off very early for a Sunday morning!
We'd stop by at a few of friends, had a breakfast in a lovely new café, and got lunch outdoor.
There was this meeting of Moroccan and Italians to exchange bits and flavours and we enjoyed some traditional meals of them.

Marella clothes on the background

wild strawberry

Left at 9.30, got back at 15.00. Now a bit of rest, a coffee, (ok, I am doing the ironing tomorrow evening...) and later on, 'aperitivo' with friends!!

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend too!

Bye lovelies


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday :0)

  2. Hi Debbie,
    we are experiencing a very bad weather in these days and as soon as the sun came up again, I coudn't help by going outside!
    I has been raining for the last month (unsual).


  3. yeah! same here Ylenia!
    we were so tired of rain that when the sun came out on Sunday half of Barcelona stood in surprise!
    Have a great Monday sweetie!!!


  4. I love your bike! Yes two weeks till the leaving date. I'm going home to UK for two weeks though so the NYC adventure doesn't begin quite yet. I'm very excited though! Lucy Laucht

  5. i can not wait for the summer when i bike ride and make stops on the way like u did - LOVE IT!!!