Paris du jour

Monday, 29 November 2010

Few more lovely pictures from last week in Paris.
How lucky I was anyway! In these days is incredibly cold and the snow has arrived almost in Europe!

John Galliano for Ladurée

Café de Flores

Paris part 2: Disneyland Park

Thursday, 25 November 2010

being mid-30 and feeling like 10!
yes, yes, YES!

The lovely ladies I worked with for my meetings at Eurodisney gave me 2 free tickets for the funpark!
you cannot imagine how happy I was. My beloved join me in Eurodisney on Thu night, when the conference had ended. We had dinner at the amazing Rainforest Café.
On Friday we spent an super-funny day at the park, on the rollercoaster, at the 3D cinema, adventuring with Pirats and dancing with Snowhite.

It was incredibly cold and I had to have 3 tall American coffees to keep me warm (ehi! I am a Mediterrean girl!)

Paris part 1: The conference

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I've managed to be stylish, feminine and elegant for all the 4-days conference and evenings.
Well, it's a male oriented company and I want to make a statement (and I did *eheehe*).
I have been very busy with 2 meetings I have organised. I've rushed around for my 2 boss agenda's and meetings, I spoke to colleagues and distributors all the time and attended all key note sessions. I was exusted!

All work perfectly (at list from my side). I've spent 3 nights hanging out with colleagues and so much fun (going to bed at 2.00am everyday and getting up at 7.00!!).

With a bunch of colleagues we went to Paris for dinner and had an amazing time eating snails and all crazy French dishes.

Both my managers thanked me in front of the audience, what a reward! I did get also some small presents from distributors - how lovely!!!

Let me tell you that the hotel was fabulous, with a seaside theme. It's one of the biggest hotel in Eurodisney, and one of the biggest (for either bedrooms and conference facilities) in Europe.

On Tue we had a gala dinner at the Disney studio where we ate and dance all night long!

what an experience!!!

The stuff from Eurodisney gave a little present too: 2 tickets for the fun park which I enjoyed with Paolo that come after the conference.

Disney StudiosDisney Studios

Newport Bay Club

Newport Bay Club Hotel

Would you like to see the pictures of my day in the fun park? Come back in the next few days for more lovely pictures....

Je suis returné!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I am back after a long week in Paris and have many, many lovely pictures to show you coming in the next days - please stay tuned!

Au revoir!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Saturday night and I still haven't packed.. I have spend the day cleaning, doing laundry, ironing, cooking.

Tomorrow, sort all clothes and decide what to wear.
Looking at the weather forecast, it's going to be damn cold!
I am so excited that I do not care about the rain, cold or anything!

Wish me luck for the conference and pls, think about me on Mon and Thu (the busiest days)!!!

Actually, on Monday I'll have to wake up at 4.00am as my fly is at 6.30am. As soon as I get to Eurodisney, I have to attend a lunch, a four-hour meeting and dinner with colleagues.

Ok, my lovely readers, off I go and I'll see you very soon!

Au revoir

Paris countdown -3

Thursday, 11 November 2010

nop....I don't have a cape but I have a camel coat (here)

Clothes, looks, wardrobe, I am getting crazy deciding what to bring with me on my trip to Paris. I am rummaging even in b/f closet!

4 days of conference, 4 days around Paris:

4 smart looks, high heels, blazers, shirts....(oh, and the LBD for the gala dinner on Tue)
4 (well maybe more) looks for going around Paris.

It's going to be cold (hope it won't rain) but I do wanna look elegant, sophisticated, trés chic! (maybe I'll freeze but I will be hip&cool **ehehe**)

As suggested by my lovely friend C, I am going to bring a ruffled shirt. And my favourite accessories. I have faux-fur collar, some glittery hats, soft and warm gloves.

uhm...2 pairs of boots? oh! and the pochette for the gala dinner.
OMG! I am going to bring too much stuff, I know! (but I do not care...!)

OMG(2)! I have almost forgot those beautiful high heels ankle boots that I bought this summer in Germany! Sooo warm as stuffed with sheep wool (and so cool!)

Wanna laught??
I have a yellow hard suitcase and a bright-pink laptop bag!
(but I will avoid to wear the striped H&M dress while travelling or people around think I am mad.. **EHEHEHEHH**

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A conference in Eurodisney?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Did I tell you that company conference I will be attending next week will ne hold in EuroDisney?

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy! Especially if you think about the my company business and that attendees will be mainly men, over 30s…

But I am going to find half day time to visit the fun park and feel like a kid again! ;-)

Dinner at 20.00

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Some friends are coming along for dinner tonight. But I will not leave the office before 18.30, so I need something quick, tasty and perfect with friends to make!

Here is my recipe, ingredients for 4 hungry friends:

mix all together 250 ml of cream, 1 tablespoon of anchovies' paste, and 1 small can of tuna in olive oil. Put it in a serving bowl (1 & 2).

Aside, cook 500gr of pasta on salted water (not spaghetti), dry it and pour it into the bowl (3 & 4).

Add a handful of fresh, chopped parsley and some 'taggiasche'* olives (5).

Stir all together and serve (6 & 7).

* the delicious taggiasche olives comes from the Liguria region in Italy. Small, green to brown shade, very tasty and a bit expensive!

(1 & 2)

(3 & 4)


olive taggiasche

(6 & 7)

Buon appetito!!!