Paris part 1: The conference

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I've managed to be stylish, feminine and elegant for all the 4-days conference and evenings.
Well, it's a male oriented company and I want to make a statement (and I did *eheehe*).
I have been very busy with 2 meetings I have organised. I've rushed around for my 2 boss agenda's and meetings, I spoke to colleagues and distributors all the time and attended all key note sessions. I was exusted!

All work perfectly (at list from my side). I've spent 3 nights hanging out with colleagues and so much fun (going to bed at 2.00am everyday and getting up at 7.00!!).

With a bunch of colleagues we went to Paris for dinner and had an amazing time eating snails and all crazy French dishes.

Both my managers thanked me in front of the audience, what a reward! I did get also some small presents from distributors - how lovely!!!

Let me tell you that the hotel was fabulous, with a seaside theme. It's one of the biggest hotel in Eurodisney, and one of the biggest (for either bedrooms and conference facilities) in Europe.

On Tue we had a gala dinner at the Disney studio where we ate and dance all night long!

what an experience!!!

The stuff from Eurodisney gave a little present too: 2 tickets for the fun park which I enjoyed with Paolo that come after the conference.

Disney StudiosDisney Studios

Newport Bay Club

Newport Bay Club Hotel

Would you like to see the pictures of my day in the fun park? Come back in the next few days for more lovely pictures....


  1. that sounds like so much fun! i love conferences, haha :) And i did not have snails when i was in paris, i should have!

  2. Love your looks sweetie!
    You look so professional! and the hotel is amazing!

  3. Looks like you had a great time Ylenia:-)