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Monday, 14 March 2011

To me, the search of the perfect scent it's even more complicated then the search of the perfect husband...
Too many interesting ones but when you try them...not, you are not that sure...
Musky? Flowery? Old Style? English Lavander?

I love perfumes and I never go out without it.
I use more then one (well, not all together!), according the season, my mood and what I can grab while flying out as I am running late for work!

I am currently using: Beyoncé - Heat; Tommy Hilfiger - Dreaming; Lacoste - Touch of Pink; Escada.

What I totally dislike are masculine scents, strong ones (like Opium), all Dior and Chanel's (too old style). For sure I prefer sweet, flowery and fresh scents.

The time I spend in perfume shops are proportional to the numbers of bottles in my beauty table!!!!

And what about you my lovely readers, what are your favourite scents? How do you choose your favourite ones?

Tip: the best way to choose a scent is to spray it your inner wrist and wait 5 minutes for the perfume to adapt and mix to your natural smell. This will avoid you to buy something that at the first smell fab (and you'll later regret)!!!


  1. Im with the Bulgary and Armany code right now, although I usually wear them only when going out on a special occasion. Hubbie wears a Bulgary one aswell, I think. while being at home we have a baby cologne which we love to wear after taking a shower and before going to bed...
    PS: went shopping again, although only a necklace/shoulder accessory this time and didnt change the purse....

  2. Chloé is my favorite at the moment, but I also love Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Gucci

  3. Stella? I should try it! Do you know that Switzerland (just around the corner for me) has spectacular choices of perfumes?

  4. i'm alllll about lavender - i mean ALLLL about it!

  5. I am currently wearing Victoria Secret Heavenly. It is my favorite. I am soooo picky when it comes to perfume. I completely agree with you about Chanel. I don't understand the hype. I think it smells like something my grandmother should be wearing!