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Friday, 4 June 2010

Did I ever tell you why I cannot go shopping and why I have to save money?

First of all, I live in a land where money do not grow on trees...shall I move?

So, as me and b/f both have average salaries, we have to make this effort on not to make every shopping dream a reality...or maybe just a few, little ones because...
...drums please: we are looking for a HOUSE!

We decided to take this big step after almost 5 years of rents and the need to have a place for ourself, that would be 'ours'.

As the time goes by, we realised we would like a little garden with flowers. More space as my parents may want to stop by for a few days (not only for a frugal weekend) and for friends to stay over!

With the economy downturn we thought there would have been more deals around and interesting morgages: all bullshit!

The house prices are still high, difficult to find a deal and for banks, I am not a desirable candidate as I am in my 30s and cannot have a 30-years-lenght mortgage!!!

How can they expect for the economy to raise if nobody help buyers??

Anyway, I want to keep it positive and I am not in a hurry. Plus, more time to save money!

Crazy thing: many, many people I know have inherideted money from relatives* living abroad of whom they did not even have a clue about! Guess what? Paolo and myself are the only one with no relatives abroad!!!! that's a pity....

You may suggest the National Lottery to try for a lucky win, but honestly I do not believe in it...and I'd rather rob a bank! ; ))

Anyway, from time to time I will up-date you on my house-hunting and I will publish some photo.

Here are the first ones:

big and lovely house, but expensive, too close to a main street (noise and privacy), and very little garden (ehi! I need it for my barbecue!!!)

Now, can I ask your suggestions, tips and advices for the house-seach?
what did you experienced?

Is there any magic trick I can use to find the perfect home?

*many Italians emigrated throught the 40s to the 60s


  1. i was fortunate when i got mine - it pretty much fell in my lap - after i let another oppurtunity (which was even better) pass me by .. if i could do all over again, would i buy the place i have now, i dunno, really .. i love it to pieces and remodeled the whole thing .. but wonder if i should of just saved for bigger and different local .. but i always second guess my dicisions .. i think u gotta go with ur gut - and know ur 1st place isn't going to be your "dream" (well for most people) .. and you make good with what u have and make it special for you ..

    *Happy Weekend*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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  3. How exciting you're buying your first house! I hope you find your dream home in the end.

  4. WOOOOOW! how exciting!!!!!
    We plan to start looking for a bigger place at the end of the year once the wedding and the honeymoon are over...its kind of scary how many things are involved in such decision right?
    plus economy...lets not start with that!
    Good luck sweetie! let me know how you are doing ok?

    hugs from Barcelona