Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I have just found out that a new Sophie Kinsella book from the Shopaholic series is going to be released!

It won't be available until September, but here's something to whet my appetite while I am wait. It's the front cover artwork for the UK, Australia and New Zealand edition of 'Mini Shopaholic'.

How I get into the Shopaholic world

I am a big reader, always been and when I dedided it was time for me to improve my English, I started reading in English!

Somehow at first I was attracted from the cover and its graphic, then I bought the first novel of the series.
Love at first sight, could not put it down, totally addicted!

I read all of the books series, of course, in English, as soon as they were released and also the other books from Kinsella.

Since I got back to Italy and found difficulties in getting the book when released, I am relying to my best friend Amazon :o)

Can't wait until September!!!

Q:: have you ever read any of her books?


  1. I like all her novels can't wait for the new one :0)

  2. do you know that she is about to have her third child?
    I am wondering where she can find the time to write, family, etc...
    : )

  3. no i haven't. but now i'm interested! :)

  4. so fun ! a mini shopaholic ! I love all the stories of a shopaholic, it's so fun and crazy.

  5. oooh I've read all her book - totally fun! Look forward to the new one.