Vintage 70s

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

For their honeymoon, my parents spentsome days in Rome (Italy).
My mum bought a leather bag from one of the most fashionable boutique of the capital.
It has no label.
Of course the bag is nw in my hands and I use it for special days.
After so many years, the bag is still trendy and I when I carry it with me, I feel like I am bringing a piece of story of fashion with me. And, of course, a piece of love.
Am I too romantic?


  1. not at all. it's sentimentality like that that makes one's favorite things something really special. and it's a lovely bag ;)

    alice d.

  2. Oh, I am flattered! I like it too, so much!
    My mum was about to bin it, unbelievable!
    have you seen the other bag I have publish? it's her as well, from the 70's.