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Monday, 11 January 2010

the latest books I read

As I spend long ours in airports and I am a trouble sleeper, I read quite a lot. I enjoy biographies, adventure (a là Wilbur Smith), and novels.

I recently read these two books which I found hilarious. Funny stories that do not require too much 'brain effort'and are the perfect company for those times I just want to relax.

And I ABSOLUTELY adore Sophie Kinsella. I read all her books (to keep my English at a decent level - as I am not a native speaker-->you wouldn't believe it, would you?
What I adore about her books, are mainly the high level of happiness and fun that ride through the characters and the stories - see for example the Shopaholic serie.

I don't know much of Isabel Wolff (author of A vintage affair) but I will read more about her.

When I read a book I very much like, I cannot put it down: I miss deadlines, to call my mother, my lunch breaks include a salad and the book and I cannot put it down even when I the lady's room. In fact, sometimes I just need a wee and stay there half an hour as I have to go to the end of the chapter!

Guess what? Once I nearly miss a plane as when I am reading, I am so rapt by the story that I am like deaf and I have no feelings of what's around me!!!!

Next Book?
Well, I have this "Memories of a Geisha" that is getting a lot of dust on the bedside table, but believe me, I started reading it and, it's a little, well, boring....or maybe I am not into the right mood for it.
Any feedback that will make me more curious about the book?


  1. Olivia,
    Thank you for your kind note and for following my blog. I hope you find it inspirational!
    Bonne Année!

  2. Hi Olivia,
    this sounds interesting....I shall try to read the book that you suggested.