Window Shopping - London

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Look what I have spot in this window in London!
The black heels are just fantastic. I took note of their brand and found out they are an Italian brand, Kallisté.
WOW, they have dream shoes, but if I buy another pair, I will have to move out to make room for them!
I can her you saying 'but your flat is too small', yes, but I have too many shoes, really...

Talking again about bright colours, the Turquoise shoes are so nice! I am thinking of the queen of France Marie Antoniette wearing them...probably not in such colour...but anyway...


  1. Hey thanks for the comments! It's nice to know someone other than your boyfriend read your blog!
    I'm English, live in Australia and am moving to New York soon-rather confusing!

    Love your blog ;-)

  2. Those black shoes are awesome! They look like you can wear em with anything. Thanks for the comment!

    - Nathaly

  3. Those Kalliste shoes are amazing! I want a pair in purple suede