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Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday for me represents the longest day of the working week...

The afternoon seams last forever! Anyway, as I had a very busy week where, except for the gym, I was not able to enjoy myself, I managed to see a friend of mine for lunch-break today.

We grab a big mixed salad (we both are on a diet) but we decided to indulge ourselves with a special coffee.


Then, just a quick walk on the city centre before we both would go back to our offices.

Unfortunately for us (but not for our wallets), all shops were closed so we could only do window shopping (...)

Well, I do not had a budget anyway :-)



How was your working week?

How and where do you spend your lunch breaks??

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  1. Oh, that coffee looks divine; and I so adore the window displays you've featured here - lovely!! :)