Virtual shopping

Wednesday, 3 March 2010 not mean I did on-line shopping...

It's just that:

1) I have to save (desperately)
2) I am on a diet and my size may get smaller (so, no worth in buying something that I will wear only one month!)
3) My closet is way too full of clothes, some of which have been wore only a couple of times. I have to force myself to start wear everything.
4) Cannot borrow clothes from my friends (never done it, I am too jealous of my own style and pieces)
5) I have a chance to improve my creativity (for all the above, I am so having fun by trying and mixing new, old and out-to-date stuff, my beloved great pieces and also I made some clothes myself!)

so, for now, just watching (oh... me poor thing...)

you know, I have a thing for dresses

Coast dresses

I am in a (desperate) need of a satin clutch

Coast satin clutch

this new Matilda bag from Liu Jo will be perfect with my grey work suit and I am going to attend another big meeting...

Liu Jo Matilda bag


  1. I hope you're saving for a good reason!

    actually, the first dress is so spring-like, it makes me happy!

    Love your blog

  2. I love dresses for spring....but I also love shopping my own closet and trying to find new and interesting ways to wear things. It makes them feel like new again :)