Guest post: Chicken leg karma

Monday, 23 May 2011

Ciao carissimi Longuette readers!
The lovely Yle, has kindly invited me to write this Guest post while she is…well, away…on business…being a misterious ravishing Italian woman that she is (because even if she's doing her laundry or "Ho bisogno di fare il bucato" , seriously people, doesnt everything sound better if we say it in Italian?).

So, when facing the moment of writing I thought, what could I possibly write for her blog that involves fashion, style and mantains her deliciously girlie blogger tone?

And then, of course, it hit me: CHICKEN LEG KARMA.

See, a few days ago I had lunch with my parents. They have a country house outside Barcelona and a chicken from the farm next door had crossed to their property. They spent a couple of hours chasing it while the animal screamed like crazy, and when they finally cornered "Valentino" (chicken's name…Fashion hint. Get it? Get it?) well, my dad grabbed his legs and threw him over the fence thinking he would at least spread his wings and fly a couple of meters. But Valentino, probably suffering some form of Post traumathic stress disorder, felt like a dead weight.

The result? Valentino's broken leg and (although the farmer assured that he'd be ok in a couple of days), my parents feeling guilty and ashamed for the whole day.

So obvisously I laughed at their story (hey, Valentino was fine and my parents looked like they had killed an entire city by accident)…and of course, then karma heard me.

So next day, my shop flooded, my period came earlier and worst of all (oh-the-drama!), my ASOS order was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. True story.

So, while torturing myself waiting for the goodies to arrive, I'll share them with you…see if Karma has some mercy on this little shopaholic.

This is a lovely floral dress which I found very feminine and sweet, and being the tomboy that I am, I think my husband will appreciate the difference when I wear it for a romantic dinner. Some black sandals and very basic accessories and we have a winner look! I love the kind of dresses that dont ask for more, the ones you wear with simple earrings and maybe a cute ring but still keep that classy Parisian air, mai oui?

Im hereby channeling my inner nerd. Twice.
There. I said it.

And yes, this one might be a hard one to wear, but since Zara and some other low-cost brands like Mango and H&M have insisted so much on the white and colorblocking blazers this Spring, I thought it would be a fun piece to wear with black trousers or even a maxi skirt. Black Swan meets Audrey Hepburn.

So, bottom line, here's the lesson of the day, my lovelies: NEVER EVER LAUGH AT A POOR'S CHICKEN INJURY. KARMA MIGHT BE LISTENING.

Thanks to the lovely, beautiful Ylenia for giving me the opportunity to write here.
I looooooooove her looks, her fab style and her sweetness. Hey, she's my buddie so I can show off a bit, right?
See you soon guys!


PS: I DO in fact love Yle that much (Ive got 7 words for you people : Superb.Italian.Cooking.Skills+Tupperwares.To.Barcelona… see where Im heading?)


  1. I love the story about the chicken, Carmen:-)

  2. thank you Marianne! Im proud to say the chicken is already walking as we speak!

    PS: Good morning Yle!!!!

  3. i love those glasses - so chic!

  4. This is hilarious! The story about Valentino was so funny!! I am sure his leg will heal just fine. So sorry about your order. ASOS actually charged me for an order and never sent it. I have been trying to get my refund for a month!! I am so upset because I LOVE ASOS and have even placed two additional orders since this incident. Love the dress, love the glasses and love the bodysuit! Kiah

  5. hahah - your story made me laugh! I'll be sure to be extra nice to the next chicken named Valentino I come across!!