Righe, righe righe

Thursday, 2 June 2011

It is my believe that horizontal stripes make curvy ladies looking bigger.
(I personally do not have ANY single striped garment in my closet!

But while surfing the net, I spot this curvy lady that made me questioning my belief.

She looks amazing in stripes and not big.

What’re your opinions on stripes+curvy?

Sono convinta che le righe orizzontali facciano sembrare una donna con le curve ancora più tonda.

(non c’é un solo capo a righe nel mio guardaroba!)

Ma mentre navigavo mi sono imbattuta nella donna con le curve (della foto precedente) che mi ha fatto un po’ ricredere.

É stupenda col vestito a righe che non sembra ingrossarla per niente.

Cosa ne pensate di righe+rotondità?


  1. its all in the way you are shaped and how you wear. she does look amazing in the stripes but I believe its because she has a small waist and belting the dress at the waist makes her look smaller as well. nice..

  2. love the first dress, she looks amazing!


  3. She looks absolutely fantastic.

  4. it's all about shapes and sizes. once you nail that, you will never go wrong again. this lady looks fabulous because she got her shapes and sizes correct. she nailed it!

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  6. Adoro qualsiasi indumento a righe!

  7. I think fashion rules (especially fashion rules for plus-size women) are meant to be broken. I love how Alissa styled this outfit! And I agree with everyone, know how to dress your shape, then anything you put on will look fabulous! :)

  8. I think rules are too much of a generalisation to be honest. It's much more about individual shape, style and confidence. The curvy girl looks fantastic because she's really enjoying the dress and feels great in it :) It's always good to have our assumptions challenged.