Chiedimi se sono felice*

Sunday, 2 December 2012

*ask me if I am happy [the title worked better in Italian]

Has we are entering the latest month of this year, I am starting to think to all the things that happended to me during 2012.
I am lucky enough to have a stable job and have been able to travel a lot this year (also for pleasure).
Paolo and I are very much in love: he is the most precious things in my life.
My new healthy regime includes eating more sensibly (but no diets allowed), zumba, yoga, good sex and positivity.

Now I am looking through the new year ahead.

I/we have many, many plans on travelling, work and life.
And I want to share it with all of you, my faithful readers.
Let me hug you all!!

L'ultimo mese di quest’anno é arrivato e sto iniziando a pensare a tutte le belle cose vissute nel corso del 2012.
Ho la fortuna di avere un lavoro stabile ed ho viaggiato molto (sia per lavoro che per piacere).
Paolo e io siamo molto innamorati: Lui è la cosa più preziosa della mia vita.
Il mio nuovo stile di vita include stare attenta a cosa mangio (ma nessuna dieta é consentita), zumba, yoga, buon sesso e positività.

Ora comincio a guardare al nuovo anno.

Io/noi abbiamo tanti progetti di viaggio, di lavoro e di vita gioiosa.
Che naturalmente voglio condividere con tutti voi, miei fedeli lettori.
Un abbraccio a tutti!


  1. These photos are great. Love them all. Your outfits are really nice too. Lovely colors.

  2. un bellissimo post, pieno di positività ed energia, sono sempre molto felice nel leggere vite piene ed intense. Complimenti e che le cose vadano avanti con questo verso..che mi sembra di capire essere giustissimo!baci

  3. What a beautiful post, glad you have had such a great year, hope next year is just as good!
    Daisy Dayz
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  4. Brava! Goditela senza dimenticare di ringraziare la sorte! Bacio.

    Ubique Chic, H2O Fashion added

  5. Sounds like an amazing year - so happy to hear that you're healthy & happy :)

  6. Ahw yes! This is such a lovely post. Makes me smile. I should try this and write down what I'm grateful for. Thnx for the inspiration my friend. I will see you in February -maybe? no?-

  7. It was amazing to receive your post on my blog: Now I look as these pictures and wish we could have met while you were here in New York. Maybe next time! Happy Holidays! All the best, Sheri

  8. I wish you an other year of happyness and love 100 better that 2012. kisses Samantha

  9. Lovely smile, and great look.
    I need to think about my healthy regime... But after Christmas :)