Declutter = happiness

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I like my house to be neat and tidy, things in its own place and a fresh smell of...cleaness.

But I've realised that with my busy life and with my wedding this Summer, I still have piles of wedding presents in every corner, some stationary becoming permanent resident on my desk and shelves covered with ...stuff.

That's not me.

I am not very sentimental when it come to objects, I am not a junkie, yet I quite enjoy decluttering and getting rid of stuff.

A tidy house, with basic yet practical things, gives me a piece of mind, happiness and joy.
I love a bright room, just a few pieces of fornitures, basically, the essencial for living.

It may be because my house is not that big so I need not to be overwhelmed of memories and unuseful pieces.

How does your house looks like?

an extension of Ikea?

a museum full of clutter?

an empty place?


  1. My house in Milan was quite similar to a museum full of stuff! Here in Doha I should keep house clean otherwise my husband could get crazy! ;)
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara

  2. I too would like a house with minimal furniture, but I realize that is hard to put everything in order and get rid of the useless, because is impossible!
    I became your GFC follower, if you want do the same it will be nice ^_^

  3. I have no problem about getting rid of stuff, but my hysband is a keeper.
    We are moving to Málaga so he has been getting rid of car loads of rubbish.
    Thank you for keeping in touch, my dear Ylenia.

  4. casa mia è piena di roba per niente minimalista

  5. so true! i really need to declutter some more

  6. lindo el post! :)

  7. Bellissima foto Ylenia :)

    Ri-passa quando vuoi dalle mie parti!