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Monday 5 May 2014

I am not new at travelling but somehow I stress myself over what to bring in my next trip everytime. I am very good at matching things, I am aware of the dress codes, the basic fashion and packing rules, bla, bla...

My willing to look perfect in every situation could be rather challenging. Eventually, I managed to bring lot of stuff that would never been worn. But I rather not wearing all clothes then find myself without that dress or that pair of shoes tough.
When you'll be reading this post I'll be in California for a company conference. I am 100% sure packing for this trip will be no easy task as usual. On the other hand, being at a conference means smart dressing, business casual and no denim, flat shoes or sweatpants.
This is quite a first good step while packing, don't you think? You know already what you'll going to wear.
I've check online at the conference hotel surroundings and there's a designer outlet at a walking distance. I can always pop there for some emergency fashion-fix, right???  ;-)


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  1. I SO know what you are talking about! I stress everytime I have a company trip and I do have a lot of those all Spring! (I will be in your neighbourhood in May actually, in Baveno ;-)) I try as well as I can to pack in the same colour-scheme so that I can use the same blazer(s) and shoes for all my outfits. But shoes are the hardest I think! They need to be professionel but still somewhat practical! And I can never find shoes like that that I also think are cute! :-D Also I am stressing out over the fact that I need to show off my paler than pale legs in about two weeks! They are seriously NOT ready for summer ;-)

    Enjoy California! I will definitely be hitting up an outlet mall when I go to New York and New Jersey in 3 weeks time ;-)