Summer vacations anyone?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Life is busy. I am running errands everyday.
I had a promotion, I am travelling (not much but still), we are house hunting and have a couple of amazing 'secret' projects we are working at.

That said, a few days ago we realised Summer it's just around the corner. Like most Italians, our Summer break will be August (just 1 month away!).

This mean we will not be able to plan any exotic, tropical, paradise escape: over priced, packed or difficult to organise with such short time.

It's a pity. But this is how life goes. And to be honest, we do need any special place to have fun and wnjoy ourself. Even the small lake around the corner can be the most beautiful and relaxed place if taken with the right attitude and look at with different eyes.

Being able to take 3 weeks off and travel (despite the destination) is still a luxury to me.

Honestly I need to admit that we are not stuck at home.....since the New Year Break we have been to Barcellona, L'Aquila, San Remo, Oxford and many other places.

Therefore, I should not complain...

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