At least I am going to make a cake

Friday, 3 September 2010

Sunday it's my BIRTHDAY!

To be honest, I do non make a big fuss about THIS day, I just don't care! (maybe because I am not in my 20s anymore and I've started seeing wrinkles??)

In fact, I do not properly celebrate and only a few friends knows about this date (the downside is that I won't receive presents...gulp!).

BUT my boyfriend keep on surprising me with presents, flowers, dinners and everything you can imagine.

These are my plans for the weekend:

declutter my wardrobe, do some cleaning and ironing, yes, even sewing (amend some boyfriend's socks!).
I have a 10k walking on Sun morning and lunch with friends, at sort of barbecue hold from the military's corp (and again, everyone ignore about my birthday).
I am going to make a cake (crostata with peaches and custard) and that's it!

...forgot...some extra cuddles to my boyfriend (please do not tell him I have hide in the fridge 2 bottles of our favorite wine!)


  1. Happy birthday for Sunday!!! Have a fun time.

    Ohhhhh....i LOVE cake. Save some for me ;-))


    I hope you have the BEST birthday ever!

    Write you on MOnday and you tell me everything about the weekend ok?


  3. Happy, happy birthday Ylenia!!!
    Hope you have the bestest birthday day with successful de-cluttering, sporty walks (10km! wow!!!) and plenty of cuddles!
    xx Galit