Let me be serious now!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I have a few business meeting to attend in the next weeks and an important conference in Paris.
Some shopping is required and I do not know what to buy....

Any idea, suggestion or help? if you'd like to send me an e-mail or pictures, click here.

I should be classic, but not granny style, not too sexy (male environment, they may misunderstand...).

I have a LBD and LGreyD, maybe I can wear it with a blazer and some fancy shoes? Was thinking at low-key accessories, but not too low..(!)

ehi! did I tell you that I have a bright-pink computer bag from Ikea??? I do not get unnoticed for sure...



  1. i LOVE the camels! - u would look STUNNING in camel tones!!!! .. and u can NEVER go wrong with LBD and a lil jacket or something ontop - u'll look fantastic -i know it!

  2. buy a camel cape from Zara!!!!!!
    They are so chic and easy to wear with LBD!
    Lots of hugs sweetie!!!!