Milk or dark?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

It is not a secret that I am a ‘chocaholic’…mad, crazy, can’t-live-without chocolate addicted!

There is a good production of chocolate in Italy and I am sure all of you my lovely readers know the ‘Bacio’ from Perugina or the world famous Nutella.

I have worked on a chocolate factory dealing with logisitc and packaging. Can’t tell you there was free chocolate in all offices and I had free entrance to production and could pick up and eat anything! Even the filling or ingredients such as almonds, halzenut, wafer, etc… [+3kg in 1 year]

But, the interesting news is the chocolate is also used in other areas as cooking all kind of dishes, for beauty theraphies and even jewels!

Every year in October there is a spectacular celebration in Perugia all dedicated to chocolate! There is even a Chocohotel that is like paradise to all chocolate lovers!
I am intrigued regarding beauty treatments…I dream of diving into a chocolate filled tub, or being massaged by a hot chocolate lotion….

An anti-depression potion for sure, a sin, a guilt, a pleasure, comfort and delightful food a partner I would say…

Have you never try a chocolate beauty treatment?


  1. I love chocolate AND Nutella is sooo good!!

  2. It's funny: I always thought Nutella was German for some reason (perhaps because of the ads?)
    In any case, I would not think of Nutella as chocolate, but as a spread with a bit of chocolate (I love it on crèpes, though).

    You'll be surprised to hear that cocoa powder / chocolate does not actually really make you put on weight: it's mostly the sugar content (and arguably the cacao butter) which makes you fat... I would recommend very dark chocolate from Bonnat, Weiss, Lindt, Côte d'Or & you won't put on any weight at all! Eating chocolate above 70% cocoa, you might even lose weight.

  3. When it comes to chocalate, I choose chocolate mousse!!

  4. I'm a complete chocoholic too! Hmmmm a chocolate beauty treatment? Sounds delicious!