Paris countdown -3

Thursday, 11 November 2010

nop....I don't have a cape but I have a camel coat (here)

Clothes, looks, wardrobe, I am getting crazy deciding what to bring with me on my trip to Paris. I am rummaging even in b/f closet!

4 days of conference, 4 days around Paris:

4 smart looks, high heels, blazers, shirts....(oh, and the LBD for the gala dinner on Tue)
4 (well maybe more) looks for going around Paris.

It's going to be cold (hope it won't rain) but I do wanna look elegant, sophisticated, trés chic! (maybe I'll freeze but I will be hip&cool **ehehe**)

As suggested by my lovely friend C, I am going to bring a ruffled shirt. And my favourite accessories. I have faux-fur collar, some glittery hats, soft and warm gloves.

uhm...2 pairs of boots? oh! and the pochette for the gala dinner.
OMG! I am going to bring too much stuff, I know! (but I do not care...!)

OMG(2)! I have almost forgot those beautiful high heels ankle boots that I bought this summer in Germany! Sooo warm as stuffed with sheep wool (and so cool!)

Wanna laught??
I have a yellow hard suitcase and a bright-pink laptop bag!
(but I will avoid to wear the striped H&M dress while travelling or people around think I am mad.. **EHEHEHEHH**

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  1. better to overpack than underpack, i always say!

  2. OMG! I ñlove the first pic!
    I can totally see myself with that cape (you have to buy yourself one in ZARA) waiting for you in a coffee shop about to have a café au lait!
    Its not like you go to Paris every day so enjoy, shop and be super chic! Plans when you get back, ok?

  3. Deciding what to bring on a trip is so hard, I always overpack.
    Your pasta recipe below has me drooling. That chefs cream looks so thick and nice.


  4. hello baby!!!
    great looks

    a lot of kisses

  5. have a wonderful time in Paris :) xoxo

  6. You're gonna look fabulous! So exciting! I'll be traveling with you in spirit, sweetie :) xoxo

  7. Loving these looks, especially that awesome cape in the second pic :D & wow, you sure like your bright colours :D but hey, a yellow suitcase and pink laptop bag could work :D

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  8. These outfits are beautiful and so fun! Have a wonderful trip! Never been to Paris. You are so lucky! Thank you for your sweet comments and for stopping by! It is always nice to meet someone from so far away (never been to Italy either!)