Clooney is moving...

Thursday 17 February 2011

From Lake of Como, Clooney will be soon moving to Lake Maggiore (just 50km distance), here on the background.

Why? Well, I am pretty much here all weekends and he would be more at a reasonable distance from myself. But he is not going to be any lucky! I am already taken!

Tough, the lake in winter is amazing. The water looks so crisp and net and the sky turns blu, orange and pink over sunset.
The mountains are still covered in white fluff and houses are still in a sleeping feel.
In just a couple of months, all the surrounding will be blooming and a colour explosion will explode everywhere!!

Talking fashion, during winter I love to wear brown in every shade, camel included.
As I have brown hair and olive skin, I do not love to wear black (I know I am swearing!!), it gives me a 'Mortisia Addams from the Addams family look, but less prettier).

What I am wearing: Camel coat: Promod - Wool collar scarf: Camaieu - Crocodile suede longuette: OVS - Shoes: Tamaris (they have soft sheepwool inside, so warm! bought in Germany) - Bag: Conbipel


  1. It looks so peaceful and it's just around the corner for you. Lucky gal! It's good to know the colors that suit your skintone. I, myself can't wear pastels (well I can but don't). It washes my face out, makes me look sick.

  2. Oh wow Ylenia! I love Italy, we went last summer to Porlezza at the Lago di Lugano and we made a trip to the Como Lago as well. I think we were in Menaggio and ate some gelati. So delicious!! Can't wait to come back some time. But maybe we go to the Lago Maggiore now ;-) You kno why!!!

  3. what a great backdrop. Your coat is super amazing
    Lee x

  4. Oh it looks so amazingly beautiful there!! Tell Clooney if he needs a roommate I will gladly move in!!