Just around the corner...

Thursday 10 February 2011

what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

As for us, We are going to cook something special together and have chocolate fondue with strawberry.
In fact, today, right after work we are going to head to Switzerland (just around the corner) to do some chocolate shopping!!!


  1. I wish I could say that! How fun and romantic!! Sadly my boy is away for Valentine's Day but I have a special thing planned for him. I am going to share next week b/c it's a surprise and I don't want him to know. Have a beautiful weekend!!


  2. You lucky gal. Chocolate and a trip, what more do we need! Enjoy your time together darling!

  3. u do know my dream is to move to Switzerland, correct? - i have an Al-Clad fondue pot i never used - maybe this will be a great weekend to do so! - i'm SO jealous of ur location, travel is SO much better!!!!