a few weeks ago

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I am pretty busy these days. As usually is in my crazy, happy life.
Therefore I haven't yet show you my Valentine's day outfit.
I would call this my 'bodycon' dress. Which I wore with super high heels, a camel coat and a clutch.
Jewellery were just one diamond necklace
(and of course engagement and wedding ring).


 How did we celebrate this special day?
well, special for us as this was the first Valentine's day as a married couple...
He treated me with:
breakfast in bed with fresh croassaint
sweet at lunch
romantic dinner at a castle



  1. you look beautiful!. sounds like an amazing day!

    -The Preppy Student

  2. Love this dress! You are gorgeous girl!

  3. It is my regular breakfast. This dish looks very attractive and everything is excellent.

    Bonbons Maken & Sushi Workshop