Thursday, 27 March 2014

I was reading this post from my friend Cat on her blog and I love the list of things that makes her happy.

And I thought it would have been lovely, a few days after the World Happy Day last week, to talk about happiness.

Therefore, I decided to make a list myself of things that makes me happy (not in any particular order).


Listening to husband snoring at night
Chocolate, any kind, any time, anywhere
Spring blooming
Looking at my diamond wedding ring
Teasing kids
Being successful in removing stains from favourite clothes
Looking at my home after tidying up
Receiving unexpected messages on whatsapp and wechat
A good laugh with my brother
Find a ladybug on my shoulder
Sipping tea (any kind of tea, I am just a tea lover)
Looking at the sky and its fantastic colours
The smell of fresh bread
Kissing mum
Washing dishes (it’s not a typing mistake! My dishwasher is a saucepans storage)
Receiving compliments
Carrot cakes
Wearing red lipstick
Swim in the sea (better if naked)
My tattoo-free skin
Zumba, zumba, and more zumba
Stolen kisses
Eating biscuits with no-limit
Sewing (by hand as well as with sewing machine)
Kisses from my husband soft lips
Wearing perfume
Listening  to‘Swan Lake’ by Tchaikoswki for the millionth time

what are the top 3 things that makes you happy? 

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  1. Adoro le cose che ti rendono felice!!! Grazie per avermi menzionata! Bacio grande Yle!!